That Special Dog

Isn’t it amazing how an animal can change your life? One, single, little animal changed mine. It was something I never expected at all. And yet…

Years ago, back in 1994, Hubby and I went to Germany to visit with friends. They lived very close to Munich, in a small village called Aufkirchen. Hubby wanted me to meet his friends there and we arranged a nice visit.

Lucie and Otto had a little dog. His name was Shubi. I’d never really seen a dog like him before, but it was love at first sight!

I’d always loved dogs, always had them, but Shubi was different. It was the very first time that I’d ever seen a wire-haired dachshund. I wanted one of my own, but Hubby complained that we already had a dog (and we did, a White Shepherd named, Max!) and didn’t need two dogs. I was disappointed, but agreed, all the while thinking that one day I would have my dackel!

A year passed and we learned that Otto was ill with cancer and so we planned a trip to see him and his family. We came at the beginning of February and when we arrived we learned that little Shubi had been hit by a car and killed.

My heart broke, as I walked through the silent house. At breakfast the next morning I said, “You know, it’s too quiet here. We should get wire-haired pups together!” Then Hubby and I went out to the shop to buy a few things that we needed. I think that was when I forgot to pack socks for Hubby.

We returned and Otto had found an ad in the newspaper for Rauhhaardackel (wire-haired) Puppies. He had called and arranged for us to go and look at them.

So off we drove to Landshut, Germany. That is where I met, and fell head over heels in love with a little girl puppy that I named Shubi!


She was small and sweet and lively. She brightened my days, just being in it. The picture above was taken in Landshut, where I found my dearest girl.

Our friends took her brother, Toni and the two were able to get together several times over the years. Shubi always remember the house in Aufkirchen and brother and sister always remembered each other.

Shubi was the wind beneath the wings of Max as he grew old and eventually passed from this life. And when we brough Fritz home as a puppy, Shubi became a Mommy to him.

mom kids

Thus explaining why Fritz believes he is a dachshund. After all, his Mama, Shubi taught him all about being a dog.

Eventually Shubi began to grow old herself and sometimes even she needed a rest during a long hike.


Her health began to fail, and three years ago, she went to Rainbow Bridge. That was terrible day. I thought I would never feel for a dog the way I felt for her.

I started to breed dogs, and all the while I bred I thought that perhaps, I was breeding that one special dog for someone. It’s an amazing thing to see and feel.

Then just the other day, I was sitting in my chair and Anneliese came up and snuggled up against my face and looked at me with such love and I realized that here she is, my very own special dog.

I love all my dogs, you know, and until the other day I didn’t realize that this special bonding had happened. With Shubi it was instant. With Anneliese, it has come over time.

Lisa and me

So who knows, perhaps one of the babies in her belly will be someones special Puppy! I certainly would like to believe so.

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  1. Our “Lady” was like your Anneliese. She grew into my heart and I didn´t even know it. I still miss her lots and get tears thinking about her.
    It must be very satisfying to breed puppies who will fill someones heart with love and happiness.

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