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So the day dawned, and Anneliese, Arnie, Greta, Fritz and I woke like we always do, and after a walk in the yard where they communed with nature, and I stood there in my robe, slippers, and sunglasses and watched them, we were able to come back in to my freshly brewed coffee.  It always amazes me that until I have that first cup of coffee, I remain in lala land.

We came in and by that time the coffee was made and my first cup of pleasure was poured. I fixed it up, sat down and read my email, while I sipped it.

Have you ever noticed how wonderful that first cup tastes in the morning? I’m not sure why, perhaps it is that after a long night’s sleep, it just makes the taste that much nicer.

I brought Anneliese in this morning for her post operative check up. She is doing very well, and aside from her discomfort, she is healthy and will be well. She has followed me around all day and wanted to sit in my lap or next to me, but all is going as it should.

I’ve got my very last batch of Bread and Butter Pickles soaking and they will be canned tomorrow. After that, I’ve got plums coming and I want to make a couple of batches of Plum Jam. I also plan to bake a Peach Kuchen for Hubby, who has been so wonderful the last few days.

Yes, life goes on, doesn’t it? Yes, sometimes we stumble and fall, sometimes the world doesn’t turn the way you wish that it did, but then…you wake up. You put on your robe and slippers and sunglasses and go outside and breathe.

And you just know, that life is good.

5 thoughts on “Life & Coffee”

  1. I agree. I just sipped my first cup of coffee and it is so good. Maybe it´s because our body needs that warmth.
    I´ve been thinking a lot of you and Anneliese and hope you two will be alright. At least you still have each other, right? 🙂
    That Peach Kuchen recipe would be interesting to have….

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Many, many hugs to you and Anneliese. Life goes on but we always remember – keep the good memories close to your heart. And peach kuchen sounds like a bandaid for wounds – enjoy making and eating.

  3. I feel the same. I start to live with my first cup of coffee and then the world looks different !
    I enjoy my stay very much, my friends are such nice people and I really feel home. Yesterday we watched the first day of the airshow, there were so many people ! Unfortunately this afternoon it started to rain. Weather could be a little better. I have a cat in my bed, lol ! Sophie choosed to watch over me during my stay. There is also Lilli and Pepsi, so I am not lost !

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