Not So Good News

Dear Friends,

I’m sad to announce that Anneliese’s baby girl did not make it this morning. She was taken via c-section, was big and beautiful and seemed to be doing well, and then just faded away.

Anneliese is doing okay, sleeping next to me right now.ย  I have cried many tears. I don’t understand….but then I tell myself that God is with me and with Anneliese and I have to have faith.



25 thoughts on “Not So Good News”

  1. I am so SOOOO sorry to have heard this, this morning… I can simply NOT understand it as to why, she did not have more puppies, WHY Anneliese could not delivery her herself or WHY this big girl did not make it. But I am sure that Anneliese will be OK and that in time, your sorry will avail…

    If I was there now, I would give you a huge Aussie hug, make you a Schnitzle and drink a beer with you…

    Take care my friend…

  2. Oh no! Iยดm so sorry Maribeth! That is so sad, and I know your heart is broken. I really hope you can over come this and will pray for you!

  3. I’ve been watching your blog for some time now, and look forward to it each day. I’m heartbroken for you, Anneliese and her baby girl. I didn’t expect to read this today.
    Take care, and so very sorry.

  4. Cried lots of tears myself for you, the pup and Annaleise!! I’ll be thinking of you all day today! Sending big hugs and of course I Love YOU, Mel

  5. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. You have just got to beleive that God knew what was best. tears for you….

  6. My dearest sister in soul, I am with you in my thoughts at all. I really had hoped everything will get well and now I am shocked the baby is not allowed to be with us. I send you all my love and hugs.
    Love Uschi with tears in the eyes…….

  7. Dear Maribeth,
    Iยดm so sorry to hear this…
    But good to hear all is well with Anneliese:-)
    Be sure next time you will have puppies:-) And you have a reason going to Germany again… (date with Isegrim:-)
    Wish you all the best, thinking of you.

  8. Maribeth-
    I last emailed you last summer, when I had taken my wire for treatment at your vet and they told me about you. I have checked your blog throughout the year, and now that we are returning to Squam in a couple of weeks I was hoping to meet your new pup….I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and Annelise. Will be in the area until the 13th of Sept. Maybe we can set up a visit?

  9. I just had time to see my emails and now I discover this ! I can imagine that you are very sad, but on the other hand it would have been terrible if something had happened to Anneliese. At least she is fine. I feel very sorry for you !!

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