Wednesday found my sweet boy Arnie cuddling up with me, while I attempted to get rid of my cold. He was such a sweetie, that I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. After all, how often does the opportunity present to cuddle, take pictures and recover from a cold?

Aug 25 005

Aug 25 007

Aug 25 004

Anneliese is doing well, although she is still carrying around her little lamb toy. No matter where she is, she has that little lamb in her mouth or by her side.

Aug 25 011

But I’m encouraged because she is healing well and feeling so much better! She has even begun eating regular dog food again, after going through a spell where she refused all food.

The week is slowly coming to an end and I am really looking forward to the weekend. It’s not that I have a lot planned, it’s just that Hubby and I tend to spend more time together during the weekends.

Happy Thursday everyone!

9 thoughts on “Snuggles”

  1. ah, poor thing, you catched a cold ? Arnie is the perfect nose warmer.
    That’s so cute and sad at the same time to see Anneliese with her little lamb. It’s good that she gets slowly back to normal

  2. Love the pictures!!! We have football games on Saturday and Sunday. I am going to the doctor today, finally. Will let you know as soon as I am done. I hope for good news! Love YOU, Mel

  3. It´s so cute how Anneliese is cuddling with her lamb. I´m glad she´s feeling better. Of course you and Arnie are cute too. 🙂

  4. Arnie is a gem! He is so cute and I love the way our pets take care of us when we are sick too! Its really a relationship which works both ways. Poor Anneliese, I understand that the loss of her only puppy this time has been traumatic for her. I am glad she is gradually getting better, and of course I must add – I love her fancy pants hehehe!

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