Day 1

Monday was day one as a fifty-five year old woman! It wasn’t bad, really, but as it was Hubby’s medical day at the Veteran’s Administration Health Center, I was up and out of here pretty early on Monday.

I am amazed and appreciative of the quality care Hubby is getting through the VA. His service to our country in Vietnam has cost him dearly health-wise. Finally I feel like he is getting the testing and medications he has needed for some time.

I went with him to keep him company and also to make sure I could take notes and such. So when we got to the VA and I went to open my car door, I broke two finger nails! (Which up to that point, had all remained long and beautiful!)

I’ve decided I love Hubby’s podiatrist! Oh how I wish he was in private practice because I would go to him myself! He was able to treat Hubby’s feet and make a plan to treat the diabetic neuropathies in his feet.

I got home and I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my dearest best friend, Uschi!

Nov. 18 001

The flowers are so lovely and were such a surprise!

What a wonderful birthday I had.

Fifty-five is actually pretty darn good!

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