Hubby Knee Update

We were scheduled to see the Orthopedic Surgeon today. Despite the fact that we were in the middle of a terrible snow storm, we were determined to make the appointment. So when the phone rang at a little after 10 this morning we were delighted to hear the doctor’s voice.
He didn’t want us driving over to see him in the storm. He had gotten the results of Hubby’s CAT Scan and found two cysts. One on the femur the other on the tibia. He is in the process of finding replacement parts for Hubby’s artificial knee. Once those have been procured they’ll schedule him for surgery. Meanwhile, he is not to be walking on the left leg. He is supposed to be using crutches to get around, but mostly, he should be quiet. Now if I can keep him quiet then that will really be something!
Of course we are having a snow storm! The weatherman said we would get only 2-4 inches from this storm. Guess what? We have 6 inches now and it is still snowing hard! Our neighbor came down and plowed us out and then helped me do a bunch of shoveling. Right now, my back is aching, but at least the driveway is clear and I have shoveled a path for the pooches!
I need a hot bath. I think I’ll get the nice bath ball my cousin left for me and jump in the jacuzzi.

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