Pass The Snow Shovel

Yes, it snowed yesterday. Not only did it snow, but it snowed a lot! I knew I was in trouble when I went out before noon to scrape a pathway for the dachshunds to use, and found we already had 4 inches of snow and it was still snowing really hard! I shoveled for about half an hour and came in to make lunch. Oh, I could feel my back muscles protesting their use.
After lunch, my neighbor arrived with his plow to do our driveway. He made a few passes, (our driveway is 500 feet long, all downhill!) and then came back with his snow blower to help me get things cleared up. While Hubby, on crutches, supervised. I worked for an hour and a half with our neighbor clearing the drive the rest of the way. He had the snow blower, I had a shovel. Guess which one of us is sore today?
Snow total was 6 inches.
Once I came in, I started feeling chilled so I filled the jacuzzi, dropped in a Lush butterball ballistic bath ball and just soaked and soaked. I’d still be in there, but I found I was getting pretty hungry after all that work. I debated my decision, but after half an hour I got out and made dinner. First for the dogs and then for us.
I felt pleasantly tired. I also felt like I had done enough exercise that by this morning I would have magically reached my goal weight! (yeah, right!) At least I feel quite virtuous for all the work I did and all that I got accomplished.
I’ve never really appreciated all that Hubby did, until yesterday!

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