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I woke to a very cold, yet very beautiful day. The lake is once again a hotbed of activity, as it is “The Greater Meredith Ice Fishing Derby”.

Since the big Lake (Winnipesaukee) is not frozen over, and safety must come first, there are not as many anglers out there. Instead, they’ve come over to our Lake (Waukewan) which is much less deep, and does have a fairly good surface of ice.

Still, I know I am really paranoid, and I will not go out on the Lakes at this time of year, seeing that we have had 50+ degree (F) weather recently. And rain…oh my goodness the rain has been incredible!

Yesterday and today Hubby took Lili out in the yard, and she ran and ran and ran and ran, and became one giant, muddy mess. She was formerly a lovely White German Shepherd dog! Today Hubby brought her in through the basement and washed her down. And for that he gets a big hug and kiss!


I have my suitcase packed, as we are now down to the final days of my daughter’s pregnancy. Friday was her last day in the office, although she will work at home until the little guy decides to show up, or March 7th arrives (her C-section date).

I now sleep with my cell phone next to me, and it’s on the shelf in the bathroom when I shower. Yes, I think we can all safely assume that I am excited about my grandson’s birth!

And the bonus is that I get to spend time with Savannah. I have a whole bag full of fun stuff for Savi and Oma to do.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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