Babies & Dackels

My weekend was a bit on the busy side. Little Anneliese woke on Saturday with a UTI. I kept her comfortable until Monday when I brought her in to the Vets and got her a broad spectrum antibiotic. This is not Anneliese’s first infection, and right now we are trying to determine why she is getting them, and do what we can to prevent them.


Arnie, comforting his sister.

So, on Monday morning, Anneliese and I piled into the Highlander, and headed to North Sandwich, NH. We bumped our way over the roads, as currently we are in the middle of frost heave season. If you have never seen a frost heave this is what they look like.

frost heave

Thankfully, I am a New England girl and I know all about driving on roads that are heaved and uneven. I would imagine that people in California and Alaska, where they have lots of earthquakes, and of course Alaska also has the snow, would know all about it.

We had a short episode of rain, while temperatures climbed to the upper 40’s. While I was walking the dogs I noted the incredible mud and puddles.

We’re all on baby watch, as Mandy’s last days pregnant play out. I wish I could make it all go quickly for her, as I remember how impatient I got, at the end of my pregnancies.

Hubby has been briefed on how to feed the dogs and medicate Anneliese. There are plenty of frozen meals and he can fix his own breakfast or go to McDonald’s.

The last item I ordered for the baby arrived this morning. I’m so excited. Once I bring it to the hospital, I will put a picture of it here. It sure is adorable!

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  1. Sorry to hear about Anneliese. Maybe it’s just the NH cold that’s gotten to her. They do tend to walk close to the cold ground, those cute Dackels 😉

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