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We’re joining Terri at Your Friend From Florida

1. National Ding-a-Ling Day is observed across the United States each year on December 12. Ding-a-Lings on this day, call the people they haven’t heard from in a while. It may be an old classmate, co-worker or neighbor from years ago. Or perhaps a call will go out to the child who used to mow the grass during the summer. How about that couple who carpooled for soccer. There are all sorts of people in our lives who manage to slip out of our lives who would love to hear the ding-a-ling of a call from you or me. So tell us who you want to call today!

My friend who is ill. I will be talking to her today and going over what the doctors have said.

2. Each year on the 12th day of December, people across the United States recognize National Poinsettia Day. I am including this “National Day” too because my neighbor’s poinsettia from last year is blooming beside their house!! Have you ever tried to plant a poinsettia outside?

No, I haven’t. I really have a black thumb! Nothing flower wise grows for me. Now vegetables are another story!

3. Do you believe in Bigfoot? What size shoe do you wear and do you have trouble shoe shopping?

No, don’t believe in Bigfoot. I have big feet! Size 10 women’s. So maybe I do believe in Big Foot…Me!

4. What is one thing you refuse to share?


5. Are you finding that this Christmas is stressful? More or less than last year?

Not really. I’m prepared. I am struggling emotionally though with the sad news from my friend.

6. Tell us something random about your week so far!

I found a Chestnut. Now here’s the story. There are no Chestnut trees in our entire area. I was out yesterday with Anneliese, and I saw something on the path. I leaned down and picked it up. It was a perfect Pod released Chestnut.


This is how they look as they grow in the tree. The outer shell is very spiny and prickly. The picture above was borrowed from the Internet.


I took this picture of the chestnut I found on the path in my yard. It was so out of place. I immediately thought that someone I love in Heaven had tossed it down to let me know they are with me. But who? My grandmother, who was famous for her Chestnut Dressing? Or my Mom, who kept the Chestnut Dressing alive after Grandma’s death. Hmmmm….I wonder.


5 thoughts on “The Wednesday Medley”

  1. Sorry about your dear friend. It’s nice that you are there for her. Crows would bring a lot of unusual things to our last residence. Merry Christmas.

  2. Thanks for joining in today!! I was just telling Joe we need to find some chestnuts to roast for Christmas! Strange that you found one like that… I do think things are put in our paths now and then for a reason!! Hugs!

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