Life Or Something Like It

I suppose everyone has days like this. I was running around trying to leave here by 9:45 yesterday morning, as both Jack and I had doctor’s appointments. I was doing fairly well, and I was pleased with this, and feeling confident the day would go well.


On the way down, despite my warnings, Jack was still driving too fast. It’s his days as a pilot, I tell you. He has never understood, that it is fast in the sky and slow on the ground! He did not get stopped, but I felt the need to nag and pull my seatbelt a little tighter.

We got down in plenty of time, and we each went our own ways to see our doctors. The plan was, see our doctors and go for a nice leisurely lunch before returning for Jack’s second appointment.

My appointment went well. My doctor weighed me and on her scale, since my last visit, I had lost 11 pounds! My blood pressure was down and perfect and everything else was looking good.

She asked about the changes in my eating and I explained that I was off sugar, limiting carbs and eating fresh vegetables and protein. Some fruit too! She liked what she was seeing and hearing, so despite my somewhat horrible cholesterol levels, she is giving me three months to get that inline. Also, since my blood sugar levels didn’t look too well last time, this three-month reprieve will also give me a chance to get all that under control too!

However, my infected thumb was a concern, so she sent me to Dermatology next and there went our long leisurely lunch. I had just enough time for a quick salad before seeing, Joe. Our favorite Dermatology PA. He checked out the infection and prescribed an antibiotic for two weeks. I hope this will clear up the infection and allow my thumb to heal.

Jack’s second appointment was with his Primary Care Doctor, and my concern for his health prompted me to sit in. This proved to be a good thing, as I found that he doesn’t tell her everything she needs to know to treat him successfully. I really like his doctor and by the time we left she’d scheduled blood work, x-rays and a shot for pain, physical therapy, and an evaluation before getting an injection in his hip.

As we left her office I heard from a very dear friend of mine that the results of her testing showed Stage 4 Cancer. It is not operable. She will see the Oncologists today, but she felt that there is probably nothing they can do.

The ride home seemed to take forever. I just wanted to get home, make a small dinner and call my friend back so we could talk. We did, but I felt devastated by her news and such love for this woman.

I sat, not doing anything, but feeling the waves of grief wash over me.

So, at the end of a good and productive day for us personally, was this news, more devastating than I can explain.

As I said, I’m sure everyone has days like this. But, it doesn’t make it any easier to endure.

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