Happy Birthday, Mandy

Looking back on that day when I was just eighteen, and Mandy’s father and I made the trip to the hospital to deliver our child, still thrills me beyond words.

Back then, you did not know what your baby would be until it popped out. But I knew, yes, I knew that this baby was going to be a girl. I just had a feeling. All through my pregnancy, this bond with my unborn child made me certain it was a she.

I looked into that beautiful little face and I felt a love like I had never felt before!


Her birth was something that is still the best moment of my life. Watching her come into this world and take her first breath filled me with a happiness that I’d never known. It was simply magic!

Mandy was born five days before Christmas that year, and to this day, and forever, she will remain the very best Christmas present that I ever received!

Mandy has grown into a beautiful, wonderful, woman, and probably the very best mother I know. She adores her children and they adore their Mommy. I am so proud of her.

Today I look back over her life, and I have made a short montage of Mandy through the years, and the people she loves and who love her in return.

Happy Birthday, Mandy!



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