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We’re joining Terri at Your Friend From Florida

1.  Given all that information on this 🍓National Strawberry Day🍓, do you have a favorite recipe for strawberries?  Would you share it with us?

For me, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake! We have them often when Strawberries begin to show up in our stores and then all during the northeast’s summer harvest.


2.  Some people think the smaller, northern varieties are sweeter than the larger berries that grow in the south and in California.  What are your thoughts on that?

Small simple and sweet! However, I have been known to add a tablespoon of sugar to help the sweetening after I prepare them.

3.  There is a Strawberry Festival right here in Plant City, Florida (next town over from Lakeland) and it is a huge event that lasts 11 days with headliner acts each day.  Have you ever been to a Strawberry Festival?

Growing up on Cape Cod, each year we had a Strawberry Festival. The main course was always Lobster Rolls and Chips, and dessert was a Strawberry Shortcake with real whipped cream!

4.  Strawberries are grown in every US state.  Have you ever grown them in your garden?

When we had the farm they grew there against our stone wall, along with the raspberries. One had to be so careful because Poison Ivy also grew along that wall.

5.  Strawberry is the only fruit that has seeds on the outside, and technically it is not a berry but rather a fruit, and would you be surprised to learn that strawberries belong to the rose family?  Do you have any strawberry trivia to share with us?

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that Strawberries are part of the Rose family.

Do I have any trivia, well, not trivia exactly, but a good story. I have a friend who is from Finland. Strawberries were so rare and expensive there, that only the adults ate them. As a child he watched and it bothered him a lot. As an adult, he ordered strawberries whenever he could, and never shared with anyone. He always had the most delicious smile on his face while eating them. They remain his favorite dessert!

6.  Tell us something random about your week!!

Today we bring Anneliese back to the Canine Ophthalmologist. Her eye is looking so much better and I am really encouraged. We did not want to put her through the pain of surgery and the weeks of recovery, where she would have to be in a cone, and on pain medication. Prayer, good nursing by me, and good medications have worked to heal her ulcerated cornea.

10 thoughts on “The Wednesday Medley!”

  1. Glad Anneliese is getting better. I love strawberries and cream. Have tried growing strawberries in my garden but either the birds eat them or they shrivel up with the heat, so I’ve given up trying!

  2. Yes, strawberry shortcake is on the menu often, especially in spring and summer months. Your poor baby…I know will take the best care of her as she heals up! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. I am so happy Anneliese is doing so much better! I’m sure the Vet will agree!! Thanks for joining the Medley today! Interesting story about strawberries in Finland where strawberries are an adult delicacy! Who knew!?

  4. That strawberry shortcake looks delicious! And I couldn’t help but smile at the story of your friend’s smile while he enjoyed strawberries 🙂

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