When Will Winter End?

Monday dawned icy cold with snow flurries. Winter, yes! Am I tired of it? Yes. But so it goes.

I had nowhere to go on Monday, so I happily sipped my hot coffee, read my book and enjoyed sitting in my new chair.

Jack went out to test the driveway with the Highlander and while out he went and got the mail.

But the wind blew, the snow fell and outside it remained generally yucky!

Jan 22 010

As I considered what to make for dinner tonight I ran through what we had for leftovers and came up with a meal plan. Leftover ribs for Jack and some roast beef for me. Easy peasy!



3 thoughts on “When Will Winter End?”

  1. We had leftover beef stew last night… yes, easy-peasy!! I love leftovers! Sure hope your weather breaks for you soon! Glad you could enjoy that new chair and spend the day snuggled with a good book!

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