The Friday Five

The Friday Five

So another week, another month has come and gone. It’s been a very mixed month for me, full of great happiness and great sadness. But that is life, right? One must go with the flow. And so it goes…

I could write a novel about the things that happened this week, but instead, I will sum it all up with the usual, Friday Five!

  1. Well, I am still loving my new loveseat, and so is Arnie. He is right by my side almost all the time when I am sitting here. In fact, he is by my side right now. The seat is so comfortable and has helped with some of my back and neck discomfort!
  2. I’ve been cooking a lot. Even last night after being gone all day, I came home and Jack asked for spaghetti and meatballs. He would have been happy with a jar of sauce and frozen meatballs, but that is so tasteless. So I chopped some onions and peppers and used some spices and before you knew it, a rather tasty sauce appeared on top of the spaghetti.
  3. I spent the day on Thursday with Savi and Quinn.33365362908_ca19ce77a9_o (2)

    We had such a wonderful day. We played on the floor, Savi and I read some of her early reader books, and we worked with her flash cards, and Quinn and I had several long conversations.


    I was calling him honey, and he stopped me very sweetly and told me to call him Quinni. I nodded my head and assured him that I sure would do this! It was a wonderful day with the two children. These two, who I love with all my heart and soul.

  4. Anneliese’s eye is not doing well. But we are stuck. If we agree to surgery, she will lose any vision she still has, plus the actual surgery only has a 50/50 chance of actually working. It would be better if we can keep her quiet, and allow more time for healing. Of course, we must watch for a problem with her eye where it may let go. We must watch and if this should happen, she will need immediate surgery and will not just lose the vision, but possibly the eye. We are praying that the ulcer heals up naturally. At 12 years old, we do not want her in pain. Most of all, we want her to have as much vision as possible for the remaining years of her life.
  5. I had the joy of watching the documentary called “Mr. Rogers”. He was a man who worked for PBS on his own show, “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”.

maxresdefaultThis show was designed to teach children to love themselves, other people, and to thrive in a crazy world with gentleness and with love. My daughter, Katie, loved this show. She never missed it. Fred Rogers was a beautiful man, and he truly loved and cared about the kids in the world.

So that was my week. Welcome to March.


5 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. It must have been great to spend the day with the grands, although no doubt tiring. I’ve known dogs who have managed perfectly well with one eye, once their brain adjusts to what they are seeing. But you are not up to that point yet, so hopefully treatment and nature will cure.

  2. Those kiddos are adorable!! Glad the love-seat is still comfortable and cozy! So sorry that Anneliese’s eye is still troublesome. Tough decisions to make for her. Prayers lifted!!

  3. That’s sad that Anneliese’s eye is not getting better. Hope she can avoid the operation and things come right.
    A wonderful time spent with the grandkids.

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