This & That on a Sunday Morning

Do any of you have Amazon Prime? Not just for deliveries of your packages from Amazon, but for watching videos?

Well, we do and I seem to go for long periods where I don’t watch any content at all, and then there are times, like this weekend, where I have used it a lot.

Not only is great for binge-watching some shows, but it also has documentaries, biographies, and both old and new movies. I can also plug in Youtube and watch music videos.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was bored to tears in the afternoon with nothing on the tube. I watched an Amazon Prime video on The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, a comedy routine by Jeanne Robertson, a very funny lady from North Carolina, and then while preparing dinner I put on Youtube and watched/listened to Queen at Wembley Stadium. I love it!

I have a few other things bookmarked to watch later, including more of “Victoria” from PBS, which is also available.

I did watch one series on the satellite. “The Disappearance of Maura Murray ” was on the Oxygen TV Station, and it was extremely well done.

maura-murrayFor those not from this area, Maura Murray disappeared in 2004 after a car accident on a back road here in New Hampshire. She has never been found. This show presented all the theories behind her disappearance.  The linked website will have clips and episodes of this show.

Not too much else happening today. We are expecting more snow, (UGH!) and I told Jack I would make him another pizza. Pictures to follow.


4 thoughts on “This & That on a Sunday Morning”

  1. I don’t have prime, but my birthday happened this last week and my brother from Idaho and his wife sent me an Amazon gift card specifically for enjoying some movies. I watched two in the last two days. One was a drama entitled “Air”, which wasn’t bad. The other one was a war movie entitled April 9. I didn’t realize the Danes had a bicycle brigade.

  2. It seems the world is obsessed with non police crime investigations. I have listened to a couple and they were great, but I gave up after beginning the third.

  3. Yes! We use Amazon Prime for music and for many things on TV. Joe and I binge watch shows all the time. A great excuse to sit and do nothing else! LOL

    Wishing you a good week ahead!!

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