A New Hairstyle!

I’ve become a bit unhappy with growing out my hair. Call it the 60-ness, but honestly, I dislike having to work hard to style my hair every day, or risk looking like a mad-woman!

I love the color, and my hair is actually is fairly good shape, but after 14 years of having curly-curls hair, I’m ready for a style that I can blowdry quickly and go!

I’ve narrowed it down to four styles that I like. The only thing I will ask my stylist to do is to leave as much length in the back as she can to help hide my scar.

(By the way, Quinn saw my scar the other day and said it was railroad tracks! Then he asked if he had them too! I mean, so sweet and beyond cute!)

Here are the four styles and I ask that you please leave your vote in the comment section.


2.New Short Shaggy Hairstyles For Curly Hair Design Decorating Excellent On Home Improvement



So there we are. Four styles that are soft and easy. What do you think? Please leave your vote in the comment section.

11 thoughts on “A New Hairstyle!”

  1. I love 1 and 2 but I think you will probably go with 4. It’s similar to what you have now. Cute and sassy!

  2. They are all cute, but if you want shorter and a quicker dry time, my choice would be #1. Can’t wait to see your new style!!

  3. I would cut it short as in the first two pictures, it would be not the same but it’s easy to comb and wash and I think your face would fit. The others I don’t like that much and they are difficult too. It would probably look as you have them now. I am happy with my short hair, I wash and let it dry, and that’s it, but for that you need a very good cut !!
    That’s funny you know that Toby had told his Dad that I have rails in my face ! hahaha ! the wrinkles !!

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