The Oilman Cometh

Bright and early on Saturday morning, the Oilman and his big truck arrived at our house! It was not the driver who had refused to deliver here, instead, it was our neighbor’s son who works in the winter delivering oil! We’re not on his usual route, but he saw our name for a Saturday delivery and knew right where we were and we were his first stop!

He delivered 248 gallons of oil to a 250-gallon tank. To say we were dangerously close to running out is pretty accurate. But Eric got here and got us all taken care of.

Eric has helped me out before with other things. He has his own business doing yard maintenance and when Jack was in the hospital or at times when Jack cannot take care of the yard, Eric steps right in! He is a good friend and gets all my thanks!

4 thoughts on “The Oilman Cometh”

  1. You almost ran out of oil. Glad they managed to do a delivery despite the earlier problem.

  2. Hooray for Eric! So glad you got your delivery! Good to have friends in the right places! Be warm!

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