The Weekend Wrap

Saturday was Quinn’s Birthday Party. It was so much fun! The kids raced around playing, we ate copious amounts of pizza, and then watched Quinn open his gifts!
20190309_175952He got some really cute items which you will see in a moment, but as soon as he opened gifts he wanted cake!

20190309_183806He could hardly wait until the cake was cut, and you can see how he helped himself!

20190309_141715Yep, the kid loves his cake!

54515514_10218687090750107_8177709764143218688_nNow back to the toys. He got the chicken toy from Moana, called Heihei! Silly chicken, but he LOVED it!

53473713_10218687086630004_6734248677038096384_nThis is Quinn and his cousin in the fire truck that was also a gift. Madi loved that fire engine and she played with it all afternoon!

53086141_10218687092110141_3857665154829254656_nBut then things settled down a little bit and the kids all played with the Magnatiles. I got down on the floor with them too. Those magnetized building tiles are so much fun!

20190309_144619It was a great group of close friends and family, and it was wonderful to see our little guy have such a great day! This was such a fun, yet relaxing party! I had a great time.

After a beautiful sunrise on Sunday morning,


we had more snow! Yes, you read that right 4+ more inches of that flakey white stuff!


Ah well, in the end, it was fine. While Jack worked his snow blower, I made us a nice rotisserie chicken!

And yes, we remembered to change our clocks.

4 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap”

  1. Are you still loving your hair? That cut is SO cute on you! Quinn’s party looks like it was lots of fun and who wouldn’t like pizza and cake! Too cute!! Have a good week ahead!

  2. Happy birthday to your grandson! I love your haircut (I’m way way way behind reading blogs so perhaps this is old news), and that sunset! Gorgeous!

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