This & That Tuesday

Good Morning Everyone.

As I sit here writing, I am reflecting on a rather beautiful day weather-wise. The sun was bright, there were no clouds and the temperatures were close to 50 degrees! Needless to say, we had a lot of melting and some of our snowbanks are not nearly as big as they were.

I needed to run errands today and I was getting ready and Jack volunteered to drive me all around. We eventually got to the grocery store, and found a nice piece of brisket and a beautiful cabbage, for St. Patrick’s Day. I always make Jack this meal. It’s one of his favorites but we don’t eat it often due to the high sodium levels!

I’m thinking that Anneliese’s eye does look better. I could be wrong, but I hope when she returns to the Ophthalmologist in April, he will tell us that there has been healing!

Our darling Lili will be turning 5 years old on Sunday! Yes, she is a St.Patrick’s Day baby!


I simply cannot believe that we have had Lili for nearly 5 years! In so many ways she is still a pup. She runs and leaps and acts like a much younger dog. And since we discovered her inability to digest grains and switched her food to all grain free, she is a happy and healthy girl!

And of course, I still refer to her as my savior after our house was broken into during the day, when I was home alone, back in January. Yes, Lili alerted me and then fiercely protected me! What a girl!



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