TBT: Katie

It’s been nearly 34 years since my daughter, Katie passed. I wish I could explain the depth of pain you feel when you see the last picture of your child.

The last picture I knew of was taken by me of Katie and her sister on a lovely Spring day that year. They both looked so beautiful and I brought them outside and shot nearly an entire roll of film.


A few weeks after those pictures were taken, Katie passed away. I remember holding the pictures in my hands, thinking that this was it.

And so it was for 34 years.

Recently, Katie’s best friend from those long ago days passed away. Her father posted two pictures of his daughter’s birthday party. There, before my eyes, were two pictures that included Katie! Two new pictures of my sweet daughter!


I have cropped the pictures to protect the privacy of the other family, who just lost their daughter. She was a wonderful girl, who grew up to be very special. Sadly she passed just before her 40th birthday


I saw Katie’s face. Her beautiful smile. My heart filled, and so did my eyes, which overflowed and tears fell down my face.

What a beautiful gift!

I am so very thankful

5 thoughts on “TBT: Katie”

  1. Photos literally sent from heaven. What a gift. And they are awesome photos of your beautiful girl. She looks so happy on them. Saying “hi Mom, it’s okay”. Sweetness.

  2. I agree with Michele above. This had to be a gift from God. Your daughter was a pretty young girl! I can’t imagine the heartache of losing a child. What a blessing to see her sweet face again!

  3. I can imagine it would be dreadful to lose a young daughter. Our kids should die after we go and not the other way around. It’s sad your daughter’s friend also died quiet young 🙁

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