The Friday Five

The Friday Five

The week is over. I’m still amazed that we are almost in the middle of April! OMG! How did this happen?

While I contemplate an answer to this question, let me write out this week’s Friday Five!

    1. The week started out with our anniversary, doctors appointments and continuing work on our Income Taxes. Oh, how I hate April 15th, which is coming up very fast!
    2. We had snow!

20190408_0705073. And Icicles, just like I place on my Christmas tree, only those are plastic and not really like these were. These were real!


4. I got my hair cut!


5. And lastly, I spent a lot of time setting up and programming the Tablet. And I love it!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. I’ll take plastic ice-cycles over the real things all the time! Ha! Love your hair cut! Have fun with your new tablet!!

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