Wonderful things have been happening in my little corner of the world. Lili had her day at the doggy spa and came home looking like this!

lili1She looks like a new dog! She was soft and shiny and minus about 15 pounds worth of fur! Yay!

We’ve had several beautiful sunsets this week too. I managed to catch the best one the other night! And considering I used my cell phone, the picture came out very well.


I’ve been enjoying watching Wimbledon Tennis too! I get up very early to catch the early matches, and so I have seen many of them. I am so taken with Coco Gauff! At 15 years old she has the determination, concentration,  poise, and talent, and is a joy to watch!


We went to a small gathering, as my neighbor dedicated his beautiful garden to his late wife, Gail. It was such a beautiful thing to see all the work he has done and how much thought he put into the gathering. His wife was such a sweet and amazing woman and we all miss her and her beautiful smile.

I tried a new medication for Lili. The poor girl freaks out with fireworks and I thought she would have a heart attack. I called the Vet who prescribed Sileo Gel. You draw it up in the applicator and shoot it into her cheek.

I was not sure it would work, but for the first time ever, Lili went through fireworks without a problem. Best of all, it does not make her groggy. It is great stuff!

Did you see the pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markels baby boy’s Christening? Absolutely adorable! The baby is so cute and I think he looks a lot like his Daddy but has his Mama’s eyes. I’m so happy they released a picture of Archie where you could see his cute face.

Well, that’s the latest from here! Have a good Sunday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Wrap-Up”

  1. Lilly looks great ! If only I would have known the name of this medication before, because poor Charlie even got epileptic attacks with fireworks. Now my friend has a cat adorable, because she is 80 and lives in an appartment, so a dog is quite difficult, but she doesn’t want to live without a pet ! It’s a pity that Harry and Megan are so stingy with photos but I think it’s due to Harry’s childhood and what he has went through when Diana died.

  2. Lili looks great. It must be such a relief to her to have all that fur removed.

    For the first time for many years, I feel a little pride in who represents Australia at Wimbledon. Our blokes have been terrible and nasty. Go Ashley.

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