After The Long Winter

One of the things that happen here in New Hampshire after a long, cold, snowy, muddy, slushy, winter is the annual clean out of the car. In our case, our Toyota Highlander is our year-round car. Or most importantly, the car we use in the winter, with all that bad weather!


The other day I noticed that the car was a mess. There was more sand and dirt on the carpets than at the beach near my home! And the seats in the car were simply filthy!

So first thing this morning out I went with the vacuum, Windex and paper towel. I washed everything down on the dash and instrument panel and then began vacuuming.

I felt the sun on my skin and immediately put on sunscreen, and then when I wasn’t sure that was working put on my rash-guard SPF-50 shirt to protect me.

I have a wonderful rug cleaner with all the upholstery attachments, so I got that out next and shampooed the seats and carpets. By the time I was done, I looked back and everything looked beautiful!

I came upstairs and drank down two huge bottles of water, and I noticed that I felt really sore too. I guess I got a workout.

However, the Highlander now looks fresh and clean and I feel pretty good about all that I accomplished.

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