I want you to close your eyes and think back to a time when you were in your prime. Back when you felt you could do anything and always your body would be strong.

Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? I remember a time when I would move my furniture around weekly, because…I could! I could bend, stretch and lift, and all my muscles worked the way they were supposed to.

img058Me in my mid-teens.

I took gymnastics in school until I grew to be 5 feet 6 inches. But even then, I was strong enough to perform the movements I learned.

That was…yesterday, right? Ha!

I’m not really sure how it is possible to still see yourself being young and carefree when things don’t work quite the way they used to.

The fact is, in my mind, in my soul, I am still that 15-year-old girl, who thinks young thoughts and dreams of a life on the beach. The only problem is, I’m sixty and due to circumstances beyond my control, things don’t work exactly as they once did.

All that being said the good news is that I am finally getting my strength back! My muscles are coming back and I no longer feel like I might drop the frying pan when I am cooking breakfast.

Now you may think this is rather pathetic, but after being so ill in 2017 where I was pretty much convinced I was going to croak, feeling this good is really fantastic!

Best of all, the pain in my neck and shoulders is finally diminishing and I am once again enjoying life!

I am so grateful!

5 thoughts on “Strength”

  1. It’s so true. I still feel so young on the inside (maybe not fifteen, but somewhere around 30ish) and I’m caught off guard when I go to do something and my body doesn’t work like my mind is telling it to. We have to continue trying though and stay moving in some way. Hope you’re having a great summer!

  2. I was lucky I never had been seriously ill, but now since last year I realize that I slow down ! But I have an excuse I am now 76 ! Can’t complain ! And in my brain certainly 20 ! At 15 I didn’t like myself !

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