It’s All In A Days Work

I was up early on Friday morning. It had been snowing the night before and I was concerned about driving in the snow up to the Veterinarians office. (16 miles, much of which is in the hills and mountains) Fortunately, the snow had stopped.

My first activity of the day was to get a urine sample from Anneliese. Now, this certainly could win America’s Funniest Video had it been recorded.


It was Zero degrees Fahrenheit, I was dressed in two layers of clothing, plus my hat, coat, and gloves. I had a little metal pan taped to a ruler to quickly shove under Anneliese at that special moment. I followed her around. I waited for her to squat so I could act quickly.

The wind blew with wind chills that were easily 20 below zero! She walked and paced and walked and paced and finally…bending down I shoved the pan under her and she went! I let go of the leash, and carefully poured the pan ingredients into a Ziploc bag!

Finally, she was done and we came in. I imagined having to tell people how my nose was frostbitten! LOL Fortunately, my nose made it through fine.

I came in and after washing up, I began to make my breakfast. Eggs, tomatoes with toast. As I was slicing my tomato I cut my own finger!

What more could go wrong?

Well, my hair was not cooperating with today’s comb out, so I got out the curling iron and while trying to pretty myself up, I burned my index finger.

Well, folks, that was all before 8 o’clock this morning! After that, I had to wonder what would happen next?

Fortunately, everything went well. Anneliese is on new medications, and for the most part, she is a lot better. She will go to the Canine Ophthalmologist next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you are close by, watch out for more snow, and if you are down under in Australia, stay safe from the possibility of fires and smoke.

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  1. I just imagined the picture you following Anneliese to collect her weewee, hahaha ! Hopefully the results are not too bad. Arthur is still in the same stade, he eats like a horse, sleeps and visits his litter box. He doesn’t suffer so I just spoil him.

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