It’s All About ~ Staying Safe

Monday morning dawned early and bright. I woke in a very good mood since I had planned out the systematic attack of all my duties for the day!


I walked the dogs, put out the bird feeders and then made my banana pancake. Have I mentioned my banana pancake? It’s so good and made with one mashed up banana, a little vanilla, 1/4 cup of egg whites and a teaspoon of Splenda. I mixed it all together and poured it into a preheated frying pan, that’s been sprayed with non-stick spray. OMG! So good!

After that, I pulled my two-tone hair into a little pony-tale and then put a kerchief on my head.

I packed up the car with the week’s recyclables and put on my country version of a Hazmat Suit, and off I went to get everything accomplished.

The Recycling Center was nearly deserted, so I breezed through and got it all deposited in the proper areas.

I came back to the car, removing my gloves and placing them in my trash bag. I then used hand sanitizer and drove the few miles to my local grocery store, where I carefully went through the shop, buying all we would need for the next 10 days. It was not cheap, but I try hard to plan everything out so I do not need to go out during the week.

As soon as I left the store I took off my gloves, deposited them in the trash, and used my hand sanitizer. (I left my mask on the entire time)

I drove to the Post Office and picked up a week’s worth of mail.  Once again I removed my gloves as I have been shown and deposited them in the trash. I then got out my Clorox wipes and wiped off the door handle, steering wheel, my hands, and the keys.

Coming home, I did my usual removal of clothes in the basement and showering before moving the food in and taking care to make sure it was properly handled

And I looked at the clock and it was 12:15 and I had managed to get it all done early! And I was exhausted! However, I felt pretty good about having accomplished so much, safely, in such a short time.

It brightened my spirits because I have started to feel like we will actually make it through this very scary time.

I’ve also learned that I am one tough cookie who can handle just about anything, and find my way through.


3 thoughts on “It’s All About ~ Staying Safe”

  1. Good job Maribeth that’s how it’s done!! We never know how strong we are till we’re tested!! ❤️❤️

  2. Good job.

    Today Gov. Cuomo said our hospitals can start to do elective procedures again if they have the capacity. I think that means we are over the worst of it.

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