The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1

Our Sunday was a pretty nice one. It was sunny and warm (65 degrees) and Jack was able to work outside on our patio replacing cement blocks.


Going strong cleaning and placing new blocks.

Cement is wonderful, but after over 20 years, and more snow than one could imagine, the blocks have all but disinterested. In fact, some actually have fallen apart.

The birds came to the feeders and gorged themselves. Even the birds who are reluctant to been seen like our Cardinals showed up to fill their bellies!

Cardinal 1

I cooked, and I watched “Blue Bloods” and I gave Arnie an ear trim and cleaning. He has such a heavy coat and his ears were outrageously overgrown!

I got our laundry done and two loads of it I hung outside. I just love the way things smell after drying in the wind!

I have planned my morning tomorrow to go to the recycling center, the grocery store, and the Post Office. I have quite a long list of food items to get. My Hazmat Suit is standing by, as are my hat and mask and gloves.

I also plan to come in and shower as soon as I get home, and then wipe down my groceries and put them away.

Such is a Hermit’s life!

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