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We’ve started to plan a trip to Nova Scotia in July. Hubby’s family is from that beautiful spot, and this summer they are having a family reunion. This is the fun side of the family! I am really looking forward to the time we will have there and seeing all of our wonderful family!

Our usual house sitters won’t be back yet from their trip, so the biggest challenge is finding someone crazy enough to stay here with our pooches and house sit. I thought and thought and wasn’t sure what to do, when one of our neighbor’s stopped by with her daughter-in-law. Her daughter-in-law seems to think she would be fine and have no trouble handling the crew, so perhaps I can go off with Hubby for a few days and relax.

Wednesday finds me headed back to Boston for a recheck on my eye. I’m sure all is well and this will be just a formality, but Dr. W. insists that she see you 1 day after, 1 week after and 1 month after the surgery to check on eye pressure, the stitches, etc. Hubby will drive me and if I am a very good girl perhaps he will take me out for lunch at the Indian Restaurant near her office.

Hubby finished mowing the lawn last night and I went out to take a look. It was so beautiful. Springtime is like that. Flowers are blooming, the grass, the tree leaves, all are turning that deep emerald green and when you look out over on the lake you can see the circles in the water telling you that the fish are rising.

The earth has once again been reborn.

6 thoughts on “This & That Wednesday”

  1. Maribeth
    I’m glad your eye is healing. Where in NS do you go? My mom is from there, it’s like home to me. We go to the Linden/Pugwash are which is on Northumberland Strait (my uncle has a summer house there), Halifax, and the Eastern Shore. There is nowhere better.

  2. Hope your visit goes well! Give me a call once you are done or back, to let me know how things went!

    Love you lots,

  3. NS is gorgeous … If I get out of my current job by July, I was hoping to fly around North America and Sydney NS is on the route.

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