Let’s Party!

After 32+ years of marriage, I have been buying some new kitchenware. My daughter had a Pampered Chef Party earlier this year, her cousin had one this Spring and now it’s time for me to have one of my own.

For those who are not familiar with Pampered Chef, they sell wonderful cookware, utensils, and bakeware. I’ve slowly been buying things, and what I have gotten has been really good quality.

Anyway, I will be sending out invitations via Facebook. Should you wish to join in the fun, and take a peek at what Pampered Chef has, send me a message in FB Messenger, and if we are not already friends, Friend me.

You can also send me your email address. My email address can be found in the side-bar.

So, tomorrow I will be setting up the page with the Online Host, James. He is such a nice man and makes these parties very fun.

As Tropical Storm Fay approaches, I am tucked safely in. Let the rain fall!

Stay happy, healthy, and dry!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Party!”

  1. Let the heavens open tomorrow. While Pampered Chef is probably not relevant here, I do believe in good quality cookware.

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