TBT: Shubi, The Dackel Princess

Before there was Greta. Before there were Arnie and Anneliese. There was my very first sweetheart, Wirehaired Dackel, Shubi.

The First Dackel Princess!

Shubi was born in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany, on December 1st, 1995. We brought her back to the USA in February 1996.

Shubi and mom

We were over visiting our friends in Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany, and we decided, sort of spur of the moment, to get Wirehaired Dackels together. We got Shubi, pictured above, and they got her brother, Toni.

June 29 008

Shubi was my best friend back then. I was going through a lot of things, and Shubi was the balm for my soul. With her, I felt completely loved and adored, and she was the one being that helped heal my heart.


Shubi had a great life with us. We took her everywhere. We flew with her to Germany several times and traveled through Austria and into Italy with her as well. Wherever we went, Shubi made friends. Both Jack and I adored her.

Feb 16 014

Shubi died shortly after her 10th birthday. She had a rare disease called GME. It was so hard to see her fail. The picture above was taken the day before she passed from this life to Rainbow Bridge.

How very lucky I was to have had this wonderful companion. Shubi was one of a kind and I will always miss her.

Life or Something Like It

On Tuesday Jack and I had our 6-month exams at the Dermatologist. Both Jack and I are Skin Cancer Survivors and get checked frequently. You can read about my cancer surgery

My face is looking good, and so far I have not had a reoccurrence of my Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Jack has had Melanoma on his face (Thank you Agent Orange!) but now it’s just nuisance stuff.

Both of us had things frozen off with Liquid Nitrogen, and with a pat, on our backs, we are free for another six months.

After that, we did some shopping, and then I took Jack out for his favorite Chinese Buffet Lunch. Only today we found the food was exceptional! It’s always been good, but this was really good! We also did not see the owner of the restaurant, but suddenly noticed an all-new crew. So we both wondered if the place has been sold. If it has I will miss the original owner. He was such a nice man.

The pups were happy to see us when we got home, and I decided that since I’d been awake since 4:45 AM, I was going to get in a pair of loose pajamas and get comfortable!


And that’s the way I ended my day!

The Muddy Dog

Monday found me working around the house a lot more than I wanted to. Besides the usual work, Lili decided that she was going to mud puddle jump.

She did this four times, and this required me to hose her off four times! The worst was the second time when she had put her snout into the mud and literally was a brown white shepherd!


This made me crazy! So if there is anyone who wants her, let me know!

It was a beautiful day otherwise. Bright sun, warm temperatures and just the hint of a breeze!


Weekend Wrap May 6, 2019

Happy Cinco De Mayo plus one!

Sunday was Cinco De Mayo! So, I decided to make Tacos and Refried Beans for our dinner last night. I also had a very ripe Avacado, which I sliced up.

Jack is always happy with this meal. He enjoys the Tacos and Beans, but he also enjoys the next day when I take the leftovers and make him Super Nachos! Which I will do for his lunch. For me, it’s back to my riced vegetables and chicken.

Saturday and Sunday were both quiet days for me. My only chores were cooking meals.

For Jack’s Birthday, I cooked fresh Maine Lobsters, Asparagus and Baked Potatoes. I’d gotten good size Lobsters, and they were the hard shell ones. This means that you really have to work at cracking them open, but it also means that you get the maximum amount of meat. By the time we finished eating them, we were both stuffed!


I was pretty tired both Saturday and Sunday night and I slept really well. So glad about that, I needed it.

Anneliese’s allergies are back and pretty bad. The poor girl gets areas broken out under her arms and on her belly. I washed her down with her special soap last night after I’d used the doggy clippers to remove the hair on her belly and under her arms. Today I will be treating her with hydrocortisone cream.

So that’s a wrap on my weekend. I hope you all had a good one too!

Thoughts On A Cloudy Sunday

On Friday I went and had my medical appointments at the VA. The news was not great, but I’m not dead, so there is always room for improvement.

After I finished that, I popped off to my daughter’s home, and played Words With Friends, while she finished up her work from home day!

I also played with her sweet puppy, Freya as we waited to go and pick up Savannah, and afterward drop her back at the house with her Daddy, so we could leave for dinner and a show.


After dropping Savi off, we drove to Nashua and went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. We ordered two appetizers and one meal that we split, Mandy had a fruity cocktail and I had my new drink of choice, a nice Scotch!


Then we headed to the John Edward Event, which was just down the street. Surprisingly, it wasn’t mobbed yet, and Mandy dropped me at the door and parked.

We entered the event, and Mandy eyed some seats, but just as we reached them, some people swooped in and took them. So we scanned the room, walked to the other side of the room and sat down.

The event started on time, and almost immediately John was talking to two women who sat just across the aisle from us.

Now here’s the thing, although many of the things he said resonated with the women, there were a few things that did not, and I believe the reading was seeping out, over to us. The items listed below he was so adamant about and when the ladies kept declining, I suspected they were for us.

Here are the things that he said that did not fit them, but fit us so perfectly.

  • K name
  • Died in a car accident
  • Was organ donor
  • June was an important month.
  • Mentioned Roz, Rosa, Rosamond
  • Parents passed. One from heart failure
  • Dad was easier to get along with
  • Mother was difficult
  • Mentioned numbers 11, that repeat

During his reading, I felt a very overwhelming hotness inside. Not like a hot flash at all, but almost like I had a furnace radiating through my body starting from my stomach.

I tried to raise my hand to alert him about the organ donor aspect of the reading, especially when the women said no so many times. But he kind of waved me off.

But I am convinced that those words were for us.

  • K name…My daughter Katie
  • Died in a car accident…  She did.
  • Was an organ donor…Katie was
  • June was important month….it is when the accident happened
  • Mentioned Roz, Rosa, Rosamond…My mother’s name
  • Parents passed. One from heart failure…true, Dad
  • Dad was easier to get along with…yes
  • Mother was difficult……yes
  • Mentioned numbers 11, that repeat…Katie’s birthday month was November

Once he turned to read away from us, the hot feeling disappeared as quickly as it had come on me.

My daughter is more skeptical than I am. She mentioned that a lot of the reading did resonate with the other two women. And that is true, but I wrote down the things that felt important for us. So in that first 20 minutes, there were more things that made no sense to us, but to the other women.

But thinking back to when we arrived and how we had lost those first seats and moved closer to the woman who was selected for the first reading. made me feel that we were right where we were supposed to be.

At the very end of the event, I was chosen to ask a question of John. I asked him a question about the horrific ways people die. When they come through to him, do they talk or reveal much about that?

He said that Spirit does not want to be remembered for how they died but rather, how they lived.

So, people, I guess the biggest thing I got out of that one question, was I needed to move away from how Katie and my friend Candy have died, and focus on how beautifully, happily, they had lived their lives!



Happy Birthday Jack!

Today is the eighty-first birthday of my husband Jack. It’s quite a milestone for him and for us. We met many years ago and were friends for a long time. We saw each other through many difficult times in life, and eventually, when we figured it all out, we got married and started our life together. That was thirty-one years ago. How the time has flown.

May 28 024

Today we celebrate Jack’s birth and here is hoping for not only a happy day but a healthy and wonderful year ahead!

The Friday Five

People, here we are on the first Friday in May! I cannot believe how fast the year is going. The weirdest part is that we usually have nice warm temperatures now, but it has been cold and rainy. Go figure!

So, here are this weeks Friday Five!

The Friday Five

  1. I had a weird thing happen on Friday. I was expecting a package from Amazon, and the Tracking number showed it had been delivered at 9:30 this morning. But when we got the mail it wasn’t there. Later this afternoon they “found” it. The package had been opened and I suspect that they gave it to the wrong person and fortunately the person was honest and returned it. Probably because the bra inside didn’t fit them!
  2. I came up with 5 garbage bags full of clothes to bring to St. Vincent De Paul. I took everything out of my closet and went through each item and I was amazed at the stuff I no longer wear and needed to go! I was also amazed at how nice my closet looked after!
  3. Today I to for my first visit to the Pain Clinic. I have been in pain since my cervical spine surgery in 2017. Actually before that. I thought I could learn to live with it, but I finally gave up. I cannot deal with the pain, and I need help. I do not want pills and I do not want more surgery, so perhaps some Physical Therapy will help.
  4. Tomorrow is Jack’s Birthday, and I have a Post all ready to go. I will stop on my way home on Saturday and get everything I need to prepare a special meal.
  5. So, are you waiting for Meghan and Harry to have their baby? Do you think she has already given birth, as some reports contend? Are you pro Meghan and Harry, or are you just bored to tears?

Thursday Thirteen For May 2, 2019

Wednesday was a great day for catching a few pictures of this great area I live in. So here are some of my pictures and a small blurb about each one.

1. Yes, the fruit trees are starting to bud and once again life is returning to these parts!


2. My neighbor’s beautiful forsythia is about to blossom, and yes, that is the driveway leading down to my house. At the bottom of the drive to the right is my house!


3. This is one of the smaller rocks that Jack dug out of our driveway. The upper part of the driveway is dirt, and in it, we grow rocks every year! That’s why they call us the Granite State! LOL!


4. Here is another one. There is still another very large boulder, but we will need to hire a backhoe to pull that one out!


5. This is one of my favorite summer houses along the boulevard, at Weir’s Beach. The owners always keep it well painted and beautiful. Despite the somewhat funky colors, I love it!


6. This is a wide angle view of Weir’s Beach. It is on Lake Winnipesaukee. In the bygone era of the late 1800s and early 1900s, wealthy families owned these homes and came up from the city to escape the heat and enjoy the Lakes.

20190501_1059247. Another shot of The Weirs, showing the Railroad Tracks, that lead up from the city, and went even further into the Mountains. These tracks are still used during tourist season.


8. My own little lake, Lake Waukewan. We are called The Lakes Region, as 1/16 of New Hampshire is water, much of it in the Lakes Region. The largest lakes in the region include Lake Winnipesaukee with 72 square miles of water, more than 200 miles of shoreline, and 274 habitable islands; Squam Lake, where the movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed; Lake Winnisquam, Newfound Lake, and Ossipee Lake.

30I found this great picture from when we hiked up Rattlesnake Mountain, and this was our view of Squam Lake in 2014. Arnie, Anneliese, Greta, and the White Shepherd is our old boy, Fritz.

9. There are nearly 1,000 lakes and ponds greater than 10 acres in the state with a total surface area of almost 165,000 acres (NH- DES, 2008a). With the exception of Lake Umbagog and Lake Sunapee, the largest lakes are in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region: Winnipesaukee, Squam, Winnisquam, and Newfound. But I really do love our little lake!


Lake Waukewan.

10. One of the nice things about living in the country is that we can allow the dogs to run. They are all older now and do not wander. In fact, they’re more company than I ever expected them to be. What wonderful companions!

20190423_174944Lili walking with me in front of our house.

11. We also share our area with some cute animals, like this Ground Hog who lives in our front yard.

P8210011 copy


12. Not to mention all the Wild Turkeys that traipse through our yard and eat the apples and drive the dogs insane!

PA290031 (3)

And yes, I did take this picture!

13. Lastly, I love the deer that live all around the Lakes Region, as well as our State. Last year we had three families that came to our yards to live and to have their fawns. That was so special.

best two

I also took this one!

Actually, I took them all. I hope, that you can see at least a few of the reasons that I love my beautiful New Hampshire!

This & That on April 30th

I keep waiting for Spring to arrive. I woke up on Monday morning and it was 34 degrees! Although the ice is out of all the Lakes, there is still a nip in the air and it can be brisk at times.

At least today we actually saw blue skies and a little sunshine! However, more showers are due to arrive later on.

I had an exciting Amazon Delivery today. Over Easter, I had gotten some cheap plastic containers to put my Lime & Pear gelatin in. The containers had tops which I loved for stacking in the fridge. After Easter dinner, I washed them in the dishwasher and they melted! Ugh!

So I saw some glass ones with tops, made by Anchor Hocking. They’re dishwasher safe and actually quite lovely. They arrived and when I make the gelatin tomorrow I will use the new cups and tops!


The Lime Gelatin Salad is easy. Take a box of Lime Gelatin, and prepare. Drain a can of pear halves, get out some maraschino cherries. Put Pear half in the dish, put cherry in the center, and fill the dish with Lime Gelatin. Put in fridge until it sets. Serve with Cool Whip or Mayonnaise. I like Cool Whip and Jack like Mayonnaise. You choose. We also use sugar-free gelatin, and pears packed in their own juice.

20190429_175131We love this and eat it very often!

It’s All About…Being Thankful

In the last few days, I have been presented with problems in the lives of people that I feel very close to and are dear to me. There is nothing I can do personally for them. Except, of course, pray. However, it has got me thinking about life in general and how very blessed I am.


First, I have a wonderful loving family. A beautiful and intelligent daughter and when she sees me she smiles and lets me know how important I am to her. Even if it is with a loving smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

Next, I have two happy and healthy grandchildren that I adore. I never expected this. I mean, I’d always hoped for grandchildren, but I was thinking that this might be a pleasure I would not have. Then, Savannah came along! What a blessing! Savannah is my little cuddle-bug and when she sees me, her face lights up and she runs into my arms! Oh, love!


Quinn is a tad shyer, but in the last year when I walk into the room, he gives me the cutest boy smile, with all sorts of charm, and he now hugs me before I leave to come home. Boys are so different from girls, something I had to learn.

Next, on my list of people I am thankful for is my husband of 31 years, Jack. I am so lucky to have had this man in my life, who has always been there for me and never given up on me, even when I have been hard to get along with. Trust me, I am no walk in the park.

I am thankful for my family and friends and for my home. So many people have none of these things, and so I remind myself constantly that in truth, I am blessed!

I wonder why people find it difficult to appreciate what they have and stop nitpicking their lives until they die.

Life will never be perfect. But it’s life! Living, breathing, wonderful life. If you are healthy, have a place to live, a few people you share your life with, perhaps a dog or cat, well, you’ve got it made! So many in this world have almost none of that.

Live, Laugh, Love!

31649323_10214986756715441_2623905141576695808_n(My sister and I made a heart with our hands over a memorial plaque for our parents.)