Saturday Thoughts

So here we are. A gray and misty Saturday in New Hampshire. You don’t even have to ask what we will be doing.
We prepared two batches of Heavenly Jam last night and put it in the fridge to set. We’ll get it out in a while and cook it up and can it. After that? Yep, you got it. More canning.
We were thinking of actually putting up some peaches in a light syrup and possibly doing some peaches in brandy. This of course is always great over ice cream and then set a fire to burn off the alcohol, but leave the taste. Peaches Flambé.

ProblemGuy” is being a real jerk. I need Casey
to come and take care of this guy. Yes, the paper is now down in the drive near the house, but it is not in a bag and it is scattered in the drive. Can we say “Powerplay” here? As I mentioned, it is misting this morning, and rain is expected tomorrow. So, unfortunately, we had to put a call in to the paper manager. We hate to do it, but we figured it was better to do today then tomorrow when we have a sopping wet newspaper to toss out.

I decided this morning that since it is three weeks until we leave on our trip that I just cannot “cheat” anymore on my diet and I have to buckle down and be good. I want to fit into my lined jeans and smaller clothes. Eeeek! Do you ever notice how those potato chips sneak into your mouth during the summer when you are wearing shorts with draw strings and nothing that actually adheres to your body? I started trying on clothes yesterday and I’m surprised you all couldn’t hear the screams!

Well, time to cook the Jam!

Good Friday To All

The Summer of Peaches continues. We made some of the “Heavenly Jam” yesterday. Since Hubby’s mother passed from this world leaving only the briefest description of what she did to make this, much of our endeavor has been guess work. I cooked it, until I felt it was ready to can, (I have made ‘other’ jams before) and then we canned it. Afterward we checked the left over cooled jam and Hubby complained it was too thick. Not like his Mom’s. So today’s batch we will try to cook it a bit less.

ProblemGuy” appears to have been dealt with by the administration of the paper. Apparently this guy is a lose cannon. We are assured that our paper will make it TO the house each day. It did arrive this morning.

I made our breakfast today. I rolled up some ham to serve with our Chutney. OMG! The Chutney is so good, and with the ham it is awesome! I had gotten some Plain New England donuts and served those with the Heavenly Jam. OMG! That was so good. I also served egg white scrambled eggs for our health. (go figure that!) And orange juice. Have I even mentioned how much I love breakfast??

Having survived an allergic reaction to a new medication, I am now on the mend and feeling soooooo much better. The hives are nearly gone and I am sleeping normally and not itching at all. Life, on this bright and cool Friday, is good!

What Does Your Birthday Mean?

My birthday is the 17th of November. Here is what it had to say about me…

Your Birthdate: November 17
Your birth on the 17th day of the month suggests that you are very lucky financially, because this date indicates a solid business sense.

Although you are probably very honest and ethical, this birthday enables you to be shrewd and successful in the world of business and commercial enterprise.

You have excellent organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities enabling you to handle large projects and significant amounts of money with relative ease.

You are ambitious and highly goal-oriented, although you may be better at starting projects than you are at finishing them.

A sensitivity in your nature, often repressed below the surface of awareness, makes it hard to give or receive affection.

Thursday Rambling’s

Dreams were again weird. I was trying to remember my daughter’s cell phone number, as we were all driving our cars to Florida. She was in the lead car and I was trying to find her, but couldn’t remember her number. My sister, Mel, was with me and she was no help at all. She just wanted to stop and Christmas shop. Which is really funny, because I’m the shopper in the family!

We worked peeling peaches and cutting them up for the “Heavenly Jam” yesterday. It was not as hard as one would imagine. This is all you have to do:
Get a pot of boiling water.
Carefully place peach in water for 12 seconds.
Pick up with slotted spoon and place in cold water.
Let rest a moment and then put on plate until you are ready.
Then easily slip skin off peach.
Really it works.

So we did that, juiced the oranges, chopped up the orange rind and snipped the cherries. Mixed in the sugar, etc. and set it to rest over night.
This was the easy one.

Then we mixed all the ingredients for the “Peach Chutney“. It all sounded so good, but once in the pot we saw immediately that this would require a long cooking time. Maybe 2 hours. This was about 7 PM last night.
Well, we simmered, and simmered and simmered and by 10:45 I told Hubby, I couldn’t stand it and had to go to bed. We aren’t sure, how much longer we will have to simmer this, but last night we turned it off and went to bed.
Chutney is not easy to make.

We’re having trouble with our “Paper Guy” also known here as “ProblemGuy“. We have been loyal readers of a particular newspaper for years. We have had really terrific delivery people right up to January of this year. That’s when “ProblemGuy” started. We never knew when we would get the paper. Some days we didn’t get one at all. We always called and reported this as we PAY for this and well even if it’s just 50 cents, it’s still 50 cents.
A few days ago we find a note stuck to our garage in place of a paper. Written on a scrap piece of paper, in a scrawl.
“Your paper is now in a tube at the end of your drive.”
Our drive way is 500 feet long. So it’s not like I can “check to see if “ProbelmGuy” has been, in my pajama’s.
We tried to contact him, couldn’t, so we removed the box. The paper appeared again at our door. I mean come on, it just isn’t that hard for him to drive down our drive and toss it out his window. We have a huge cul-de-sac area at the base of our drive and this makes it easy for anyone to just make a quick loop.
Then we get another scrawling note.
“Have put a box up with another person’s box. That’s where your paper will be”
This time we called the paper. We explained the situation. They said they would take care of it, and we should take down the box.
So what happens this morning?
No paper!

Who else besides me is enjoying the cooler weather? This I love!

The excitement builds as it is 3 weeks until we leave for our Alaska Cruise!!! Yea!!!

Enough for today, I feel like I’m on overload already and I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee!!!

**Last Thought** And if there are nude pictures of Jude Law on the Internet, how come I can’t fine them? (LOL)