A Three Dackel Day

Here is another post about my dackels.

It started this morning when I went into my bedroom to wake Hubby. I’d gotten up about an hour before, but I needed to shower and dress for an appointment, so I went in to wake him and say good morning.

As I walked in and pulled up the shade, what did I see?

Jan 13 001

Yes the adorable Miss Greta, curled up underneath the covers with her Daddy! I stopped and stroked her and talked to her, and I could feel her tail wagging. Greta can be the sweetest little Angel. When she wants to be! lol! In the mornings, when the puppies have gotten up and she is alone in bed with her Daddy, she WANTS to be.

Later in the morning we were having a tough time with the puppies. They kept sitting up on the back of the sofa barking at the birds.

Jan 13 005

Eventually I had to pull the shades because the barking was so loud. I truly think it is a plot by those wild birds to drive the dackels insane. Or perhaps the plan is to drive me insane, because the barking really drives me up the wall!

Later in the afternoon the temperatures began dropping. Anneliese was chilled and shaking, so I brought out her little doggy sweater. She loves the sweater!

Jan 13 009

She wore it around the house, snapped at Arnie when he got to close to it, and just kept it on. She stretched out on the carpet, snuggled in the chair next to me and eventually wanted to go outside.

So I let her out and I watched. My crazy dackel ran through a foot of snow with a joy, seen only when observing little kids playing in the snow, after school has been called off! She ran and ran and eventually I called her in. The sweater was totally covered with snowballs! I lifted it off her and hung it to dry. And Anneliese climbed up in the chair next to me and fell asleep.

Ah, it sure is a dog’s life, isn’t it?

12 thoughts on “A Three Dackel Day”

  1. No doubt, this is a dog’s life;)

    Our Cats also sits in the window and watch the Birds.
    But they do it without a sound; even hides if the Birds come to close.

    And I can’t stay in bed, without having Felicia there as well. And she licks my armpits until I’m very soar.

    During Wintertime, they both stay indoors, but sometimes, every now and then during the evenings they run around in the appartment like crazy Tornadoes.

    With other words, there are many similarities between dogs and Cats. But in general, Cats are more calm.

    To help you plan for next years adventure:

  2. Our white cat Annie refusing to go out in this cold. She goes to the door, sniffs as I open it and then turns around and runs the other way. If she could talk, I am sure she’d say, “Are you KIDDING me?” Love YOU, Mel

  3. Hi Mom,

    Since we’ve moved, Cleo is dying to get outside! Everytime the door opens, she runs to it, and when it closes she will stand on her hind legs, and “run” her front paws against the door crying…. We also have lots of birds nearby–including some wild turkeys (they are huge!) All of the cats like to sit in the window, and they make these strange little meows like they are talking to the birds!

    Found out my ring (for my birthday) will ship on Friday! I can’t wait to see it up close!

    Have a great day, and love you lots,


  4. Your entry made laugh a lot. Our babies are the bosses in the house :-). Unfortunately my husband doesn´t allow Noah sleeps in bed. Okay he is much bigger than your Dackels…. but I think he would find a place next me…:-)
    I think I must visit you soon to get the feeling of snuggeling dogs…hihihi
    Love Uschi

  5. Yea…. at YOUR house it sure it! LOL! I shouldn’t talk… Jewl is so spoiled it’s sickening! As are the cats. I wanna come back in my next life as somebody’s WELL LOVED pet!

  6. Oh, your dogs are just too cute. Love the sweater. They all pose so well for you.
    I agree…..when dogs live with loving people, their life is pretty good, as it should be.

  7. So cute! That reminds me of the sweather I did knit for my dog: black and yellow stripes like a bee – on a black dog! Oh my! He looked so funny that I laughed at him all the time and people pointed at him, but he wanted to have it on, so it must have been nice anyway 🙂

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