Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

It was the last day our friends from Australia were with us. We began the morning with a full breakfast and coffee before packing up a lunch to send them off to the airport with. Still, as we played with the pups for the last time, it was sad knowing that we would not see them for a bit. I do wish Australia wasn’t so far away!

Oct 10 001

Me and Jill with four of the five pups.

Once they were off, I played a bit with the pups, in between loads of laundry.

Oct 10 003

Two of the pups are now 4 pounds. Curt and Calvin. Schnapps is weighing in just under four pounds, and Wally and Fenway are 3 1/4 pounds. They are adorable, all of them!

My own doggies continue to make me smile. I bought Fritz a new toy, which was stolen by Arnie.

Oct 10 008

Meanwhile, Anneliese is into her second week with her heat and enjoying the softness of the sofa and the doggy blanket. Oh yes, and the taste of a juicy bone!

Oct 10 010

The plan for the rest of the weekend is to finish up the laundry, and get my life organized for the week ahead. We have puppies going to the Vets for their first shots, Fritz going to the Vets for his booster shots, and a visit to the beauty shop for me for…ahem…obvious reasons!

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