First Day Out

What a day Sunday was. We decided to get the puppies outside for their first taste of fresh air, grass and blowing leaves! Oh what fun it was to watch them as they felt new and exciting things under their paws! They ran, they jumped, they rolled and they made all sorts of noises, some of happiness and some that said quite clearly, “What the heck is this?”

We brought them out alone at first, and Arnie, Greta, and Anneliese watched from the house. The two mother’s were quiet, but Arnie barked and barked and barked. This led to us opening the door and letting them all out, which is exactly what Arnie had in mind!

Since I took so many pictures, I put together a video montage of the pictures. I also took a short video and you can hear the puppies and watch them.


Monday we are taking them in for their first shots. I can hardly wait to show them off to the Vet, and I know they are looking forward to seeing them as well. I promise to take pictures of this event!

8 thoughts on “First Day Out”

  1. I was just talking to my wife about buying a puppy for the kids. Gonna show my wife your cute slide show and video and hopefully she’ll be sold on the idea. She wants a cat.

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