Puppy Pictures!

While Mama rested,

Oct 9 003

The puppies all slept.

Oct 9 Calvin and Wally4

Calvin and Wally

Oct 9 Fen and Schnapps5

Fenway and Schnapps.

Oct 9 Wally7


Oct 9 Fenway8


Oct 9 Calvin


A friend visiting us yesterday took a picture of Curt that came out so well.


He is now the only puppy without a home. I hope that a good hunting family home can be found for him.

4 thoughts on “Puppy Pictures!”

  1. Curt is just a real handsome pup! I hope someone comes along and snatches him up. He’ll be a real prize! Love YOU, Mel

  2. That is a great picture of Curt!! Greta is like all other mothers…when the baby or babies are sleeping you take a rest too! Good girl Greta! You’re and awesome Mom!

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