Tuesday In New Hampshire!

Tuesday I was officially initiated into my Altrusa Club. Altrusa is a great way to give back to your community and there are a wonderful group of women here in town that I will be working with. I’d started several months back to apply and tonight was the ceremony. It was so special and made me feel very much wanted and needed as an important part of our community.

June 15 008

Here we are being initiated. It was such a lovely ceremony, full of care and love.

June 15 015

With my sponsor, Vickie. She has been so supportive of my desire not only to join Altrusa, but to run for Library Trustee.

  • I arrived home rather late and found Hubby had enjoyed some of the Beef Burgundy that I prepared for him. He said it was very good. It definitely smelled like it!
  • Anneliese is still going to sleep very early at night. Either she is pregnant and feeling exhausted by it, or she has very bad “doggy jet lag”.
  • I planted a few extra squash plants today that I had been growing as backups in the green house. Now everything is planted.
  • We have just one last skirting to tie onto the smaller cherry tree. I think next year we will have to get new netting and figure out another way to net those trees. It has really been a challenge to net them this year!
  • It was an amazingly beautiful day here today! 74 degrees, bright sunshine and a gentle breeze! It reminded me why I love New England summers!
  • Have a great Wednesday Everyone!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday In New Hampshire!”

  1. I didn’t know Altrusa at all, sounds like the “Lion’s Club” or the “Rotary Club” here in Europe.
    The sun is shining, so I take a book and the train and go to the sea spending the day there. Ilona couldn’t come, so I go alone, I like that too. Just need to see the sea ! It’s only 1 1/2 h train and for retired people it costs 5 € return ticket, I would be stupid to take the car, I would spend more for a parking place !

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