Hitting The Wall

I woke up this morning early, very early, again. I felt bright eyed, so I got up and walked the dogs, made coffee and answered some email. You know those people who ask what time of day is your best time of day? This morning I would have answered “morning”, although I have really never been a morning person.

I digress.

I made breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and finished netting the cherry tree by putting a skirt along the bottom. I came in, kissed Hubby good-bye, and then, while talking on the phone with my sister, swept the bathroom and kitchen, washed both floors and took the throw rugs down to the basement to wash.

Late morning found me washing shelves in the bath and kitchen and then actually stopping long enough to make my lunch. A lovely salad. Yes, I was being super productive and seemed to have endless energy.

Until I finished my lunch, and then I slowly started to feel woozy!


My brain felt like it was stuffed with wool, and I felt chilled, despite the warm and humid temperatures.

I kicked off my shoes and took my blanket and lay down on the sofa with Anneliese, Arnie and Greta, who were all a little concerned about this uncharacteristic behavior, and all jumped to my side to nurse me.

I fell instantly asleep, a deep, heavy sleep and stayed this way for over an hour before waking with an aching head, and feeling even more tired than I did before.


I made myself a strong cup, splashed some water on my face and tried to wake up. As the coffee warmed me, and I shook the cobwebs from my head, I realized that I had hit the wall! The Jet-lag wall. This was bad, but then good too.

You see, now that I have hit the wall, I should wake up on Thursday in my own time zone, functioning at my usual lazy level. Not too awake and not too sleepy either.

So it’s back to my life here in New Hampshire. Back to meetings, and dogs, and husbands that must be fed proper meals.

I’m finally back home.

5 thoughts on “Hitting The Wall”

  1. I must suffer permanently from jet lag ! Since 4 years I suddenly became a morning person, I never had been in my whole life. Now that I could sleep until midday, I am up at 6 or even earlier ! I am full of energy hit my keyboard, wait until Mr. G. wakes up then I can be noisy and that goes on until 6 pm then I get what we call my “dead point” I am just washed out and wait for my bed ! lol !

  2. UGH! I hate that feeling, but hopefully you are over the worst of it now. Have a great day! Love YOU, Mel

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear that it has ‘hit’ you like this… I am (fingers crossed) feeling fine so far, but I think that IF I was to be getting it, it would have found me already… Maybe it got you and not me!!! :p

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