Teeth, Dogs, & Winter

Big day today. I’m off to have a root canal and then after, go see my regular doctor. Usually I would not make an appointment like this. You know, back to back, but both are important.

Usually my mornings start with the dogs going crazy, but for some reason all the dogs have gone back to sleep! It’s probably the freezing temperature here…-17 degrees…and they probably figure that sleeping in is a better bet.

The three dackels did great at the Vet’s yesterday. The only two things was, Greta must be on a bit of a diet, as she has gained 3 pounds this year! Anneliese has high alkaline urine, so she is on Vitamin C to help her urine become more acidic and break up the crystals that have formed.

Driving to our Vets office and back I was able to see all the snow that had fallen over the winter. Her office is in the foothills of the White Mountains, and strangely, they have not gotten as much snow as we have.

Ah winter! I am so over you!!!

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