We learned yesterday that Jack won’t have his Mohs surgery until October! He will be seeing a new doctor. The Mohs Surgeon who operated on me is no longer practicing in our area.

This leads me to a big concern that I have. Why are the premier doctors that have practiced at DHMC either gone or leaving?

I wondered if I am getting old (this is entirely possible, as many of them were older than me) and have retired, or if they are leaving because politically, they do not like what is happening at the hospital?

The gifted Retinal Surgeon I had a 15-year relationship with, left last year. He had not been happy at DHMC for some time. We spoke about it one day, and when I called and learned he was gone, I was not surprised. Saddened, yes, but not surprised.

I feel, much as I did when I moved back from Florida twenty years ago, that I am in the process of developing new medical contacts for all my needs. It’s a bit unsettling.

At least, I have been relatively healthy, and Jack’s doctors at the VA have been good at caring for him.

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