The Friday Five

The Friday Five

I’ve been enjoying reminiscing about my time in Germany. I will do more next week, but as usual, here is my Friday Five.

Our summer has been one of the hottest ones that I can remember. Each day it is well over 80 degrees and for the last few weeks, many days have been over 90 degrees which is not usual for New Hampshire! Life is full of hot, humid, air masses and cranky individuals! Oh yes, and we have had a lot of rain! So as we enter the second weekend of August here is what’s happening in my corner of the world!

  1. The hospital still has not called with a date for Jack’s Moh’s Surgery. It kind of ticks me off that this is happening. He really needs to get in and finish having cancer removed. As it is, the area is not healing, and it concerns me very much!
  2. Lili is pretty funny these days. She will bark at Jack to get him to go outside.


    Then, when he does, she follows him for a few minutes, and then wants to come back into the air-conditioned house! She cracks me up!

  3. Poor Anneliese has her allergy to grass and grass pollen back.


    It just doesn’t seem fair that a short little dackel like her should be allergic to grass! It causes her to break out on her belly and get little hot spots. I bathe her with special soap and then once she is dry put on her cream.

  4. We met our new neighbors. They’re a really nice family with a daughter named Emily! It makes me remember the days when my sweet Emily lived right next door. Now she is all grown up, and a married lady with a baby of her own!
  5. This weekend, I plan the usual, laundry, cleaning, and kicking back. I love the weekends!

Have a great weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. We once thought one of our dogs was allergic to grass but it turned out that it was the plant we call wandering jew. We removed it all and the skin problem was gone. Anneliese looks awfully cute.

  2. MudLynn had a grass allergy too when we lived in Rhode Island. Must have been a local grass or allergen because she didn’t have the problem in any other state.

  3. The heat has worn me out here in Portland, Oregon! Several weeks of above 90! Usually we get a few days but never this bad. Today was our first break (it rained!!) but next week it’s back to 90s all week. I’m exhausted!

  4. Aww that must be hard for your dog reacting badly to the grass. Glad you have nice new neighbours. Thanks for your comment on my SoCS post. Being a new mum was certainly daunting but like you I wouldn’t put up with the same things now.

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