Lucky Lady

I was up early, made a quick breakfast and then hopped in my car and headed off to spend the day with my daughter. Do you all know how much fun it is to have a grown up daughter? For those of you who do, isn’t it great? For those of you whose kids are still growing, just wait! It gets really good!!!

I arrived at her place about 9:30, patted my grand kitties, and then we dropped her car off for service. Next, we headed to the mall. Neither one of us had been to this particular mall in years, and aside from Macy’s and Starbucks (yes, I was brave enough to go inside and get a cup of coffee!) the mall was a real disappointment.

However, I got a few tops at Macy’s on sale for $9.99 each and a dress, as well as a cute skirt.

Then we were off to the LL Bean Outlet, where I got the cutest blouse, and then decided I should look for some new hiking boots. So, I went back to the shoe section and began hunting for some comfortable boots. The first and second pair felt horrible and quickly went back on the shelf, but the third pair fit perfectly and felt like bedroom slippers! I looked at the price and it read:


Sept 4 003

Now that is some hefty price for hiking boots! I Took them up to the check out counter and asked the girl if this was the real price? And if it was, was it perhaps because they were magical boots? LOL!

Yes, it was a tremendous mistake that took several minutes to figure out. In the end they were $81.99, a much more manageable price! They came home with me too.

The best part part of my day though, was sitting at Bugaboo Creek having lunch with my daughter. For that hour it was just us talking, and enjoying each other. I really am a lucky lady.

I dropped her off to get her car and then headed home late in the afternoon. My ride didn’t seem so long because my friend Gail and I got a chance to talk on our cell phones and play catch up on life. Gail and I have been best friends since we were 13 years old! We met at summer camp. This is our 35th year of friendship!

When I arrived home, Hubby and the pups were all so happy to see me. Greta even sang me a sweet doggy song, then Hubby took me out for fish and chips. That was great too.

Now I am ending my day, in my pajamas with Greta by my side, thinking I am one very lucky lady.

8 thoughts on “Lucky Lady”

  1. I would have thought I need new glasses (again), LOL. It sounds like you had fun shopping with your daughter, is the dress you got the dress??
    Have a nice day, you lucky lady, you!

  2. With such a nice day you surely are a lucky lady, lol ! I admire the price of the boots, gosh, even Nicole Kidman wouldn’t buy them ! What a mistake. I have to say I am lucky too instead of going out with a young lady I go out with my handsome son, lol ! I always hope people think that he is my boyfriend (not true, hehehe) We always have a very nice time together too.

  3. Hi Mom,
    I had a great day as well! Lots of fun to get together to do “girl things” together! 🙂

    Hope you have a great day today too!

    Lots of Love,

    PS: I am wearing a new outfit today–the 9.99 skirt I got, with a 4.99 tank top, and the sweater (a bargain stretch at 19.99!) 🙂

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