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These are thirteen of my favorite pictures. The bottom picture is of Greta with her first litter of pups back in 2006. We will know in two weeks if she is expecting her next litter! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Dec 13 007

10 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt”

  1. LOL! These are great! I LOVE the pic of Hubby feeding you – and he’s got his mouth open too! We DO that – don’t we??? ROFL! And the picture of Greta with the pups is just darling! Love her little designer pamper!

  2. lol…Maribeth? Is that a diaper on Greta? you know, I dont know anything about doggies…but I have to ask! lol..I like that you did this montage of photos! You are so photogenic, I love your smile! Thanks for visiting me today, I missed you while I was MIA

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