Day 1, 2014

My first day of 2014 was spent trying to organize travel plans. After an hour or so I stepped back (figuratively) and let it go. Everything will work out and be fine. No worries!

After lunch Hubby went out to chop ice on our steps and I stayed in and worked on laundry, and packing lists. I keep reminding myself that less is more, so I don’t pack too much!

Then as the sun set and the house began to cool, I built a fire in the fireplace and got it going. It’s currently 9 degrees (F) and dropping. The fire feels so good and the dackels just love to lie all stretched out in front of it.

I had Anneliese to the Vet yesterday and she has some bacterial skin infection on the lower part of her belly. She is now on medications and I have to bathe her every other day. Surprisingly, she is a lot better today!

I wanted to share this with you all. A week before Christmas I went down to see Mandy and while I was there I was showing Savannah Dackel Princess. Well, she saw her pictures in the side bar and kept pointing and getting all excited.


In the last month I just feel that Savannah really not only understands what you say, but works very hard at communicating back with you! Now that is exciting for me! She is just growing up so fast!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Times Square is the setting for the infamous ball drop signaling a brand new year….when did you last ‘drop the ball’ on something?

Haha! I try so hard not to drop the ball. You should see my lists! Oh I make lists for my lists in hopes that I will remember it all!

2. What is one thing you resolved to do in 2013 that you actually did?

Well, even though I was afraid, I managed to have faith in Dr. P. and go through many operations on my face. And in the end, I actually started to accept my new face! It’s not the same, but I can definitely live with it.

3. Jack London is quoted as saying, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Agree or disagree? Why?

Agree. I feel people, a lot of people sit around waiting for something exciting to happen. Sometimes you need to make your own kind of music!

4. What was the best thing you ate in 2013?

A good young lobster with boiled potatoes and corn on the cob! Maine Lobster, the young sweet and tender ones are my favorite!

5. Share an anti-resolution…that is, something you plan to keep on doing in the new year.

I plan to return to Weight Watchers and stop my out of control eating!

6. The Pantone color of the year for 2014 is radiant orchid. Like or no like? Would I find this color anywhere in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in this shade to either?

I do have a shirt with this color weaving through this. It’s so very pretty, isn’t it?

7. In three words or less sum up your 2013.

What A Challenge!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Here is the best part of my 2013. My granddaughter, Savannah Rose. She can always make me smile and watching her grow and learn just made my year!

Dec. 25 104

And It Snowed And It Snowed And It Snowed!

On Sunday mid afternoon great big giant snow flakes began to fall. Hubby went out with Fritz and when he arrived back home he exclaimed that the snow was falling an inch an hour!

I watched until darkness and then I would go and turn on the outside light to check on the down fall. All I can say is that the snow was falling fast and that it was thick and heavy!

I made dinner and cleaned it up and we settled in to watch a movie on the TV when…BAM we heard this loud noise and the lights went out!

I grabbed the flashlight and called our electric company and stayed on the line because I knew where the breaker had blown!

With a good 10 inches on the ground, the electric company truck arrived and fixed the breaker problem on the pole to the left of our house, and light was restored!

Now one thing I must interject is that Hubby saved the day because about twelve years ago he insisted on buying a generator, despite my objections. I mean, why bother with it as we never lose power. But, he insisted!

We have used that thing more often than even I want to admit! Yay, Hubby!!!

Overnight it continued to snow and Hubby used the snow blower until after 11 o’clock last night. Despite the continuing snow!

We woke to a foot of snow and quite luckily, we were able to get out of our 600 foot uphill driveway!

We drove to Manchester to pick up his new hearing aids. Now this was very exciting as the trees were full of heavy white snow, and the roads were horribly icy! Everyone was driving slowly, and seemed to fly by us.  Personally I thought they were insane!

I was proven right as we drove south and one truck after another was spun out and in a ditch! Hubby and I calmly drove along.

The drive home was much less exciting. The trees had shed most of their snow and the roads were dry. Hubby loves his new hearing aids and so do I. The TV is now at a normal level and my ears no longer hurt!

And Then It Snowed…Again!

And here we are Sunday night and it is snowing! Not just snowing a little, but heavily and very wet snow! Now don’t get me wrong. Under the right circumstances I am really happy when it snows and makes my world so lacy and beautiful. However, this week Hubby and I have a ton of things to do and this snow, and the snow forecast for Thursday are a real nuisance!

Hubby is getting his new hearing aids, I need to return items to JC Penney, and also go over two towns to bring Anneliese to the Vet’s Office. Not to mention getting my roots done before we leave on our cruise!

I need it to be dry and the roads to be good so I can get around. Come on Mother Nature, cooperate!

Meanwhile, my silly tooth is aching and I need to call the dentist after New Year’s and get in. I’m debating just having the tooth pulled. It’s my back top tooth and it is causing me all kinds of discomfort. Anyone with an opinion, please leave it!

Well I’m off to make some meatloaf for dinner. It’s a simple, plain old, recipe and should be good.

Have a good week everyone!

This & That

Lately, in an attempt to avoid the rather depressing news on the TV, I have started to use my MP3 player. I keep it charged and I play wonderful, relaxing songs and block the world out!

I managed to get our Christmas decorations put away. This year I wanted to go through them and carefully re-wrap them all. I fixed a few that had broken, and tosses a few that were too far gone. In the end, I was really happy with how the box came out. Next year I plan to get a nice plastic container and this will complete the organization.


I also went through boxes of things from my Mom. And there it was. A beautiful lacy frame with a picture of Katie in it. And at the bottom was a lock of hair that I had snipped from her beautiful head, as she lay in a coma. Yes, a beautiful red curl.

Now before anyone gets upset, seeing her beautiful red hair curled at the bottom of the picture, and seeing her smiling face, filled me with warmth.


Hubby and I are starting to get excited about our trip. We’re planning what to pack and and I’m finding I actually am getting better at packing light. I keep saying…’less is more’.


A friend from long ago has contacted me. This person has been struggling for many years and yesterday reached out to me. I’m not sure why. I have not seen this person is nearly 30 years and yet suddenly there was this message. I feel almost compelled to write, but I do not know what to say.

I know this sounds very vague. But I want to protect this person. I imagine this is not an easy time for them. In many ways I have a lot of compassion for them.


I wish you all a Happy Sunday!

Our Christmas!

We got up and we let the dogs have their toy gifts. They were so happy with their chew toys and their balls.
I made bacon, eggs and German Stollen with coffee and juice. Then we cleaned up, and dressed and got ready for our day with Mandy, Matt and Savannah.
We arrived a little early, about 1:30, and my former husband and his family were still there. It was so nice to see them all.
Hubby brought the wrapped car to the house first thing and brought it into the living room and Savannah immediately opened it and squealed with delight! She immediately jumped into it and had to get rides!

Dec. 25 104

Savannah and car 1

We opened presents and I was so happy that somehow Savannah found this Oma Mug for me!

Dec. 25 038

Mandy and I worked on appetizers and snacks, and then eventually dinner. Matt cooked Cowboy steaks for himself and Hubby (they are very tender rib eye steaks with the bone still on.) It was so tender and delicious! Amanda made jumbo shrimp for the two of us. Then we had mashed potatoes, mashed butternut squash and green beans. For dessert, my apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.

Dec. 25 086

I snuggled with Savannah as the day wore on. There is nothing better in the entire world, then when your grandchild is in your arms!

We had coffee and then left there about 7:30. We drove home and all was well. The dogs were happy to see us and after we let them out and they played, they came in and at about 10:30 I went to bed. I felt so tired.

I must tell you this is one of the very best Christmas’ I have had ever!

I hope you all had a wonderful one too!

From Days Gone By

When I was a little girl my mother read to me from a big, heavy book of poetry. I had my favorites, and Mom seemed to never tire of reading to me. This was the book.


When I was four years old I had appendicitis and that really upset my mother. She brought this book to the hospital and when I was awake she would read to me. When I got home I would climb in her lap and sit and she read.

I was telling my sister the stories of Mom and Me and when I look back this one book of poetry and Mom reading are some of the very best memories that I have of her.

When I opened my Christmas presents from my sister, she had been able to find Mom’s book, and she gave it to me!

I looked upon the pages and suddenly I could hear Mom’s voice as she read those precious poems! I’ve been missing Mom this Christmas and Melodie’s thoughtfulness made this holiday that much easier!

Thank you, Mel!

Merry Christmas Eve

Gifts have been wrapped and cookies have been baked. Today I plan to make the apple crisp, peel the vegetables and prepare them to go from here to there, and then in the late afternoon we will pack the car for Christmas. Thus, I will not forget things.

I have the house sitter set to stay with the dogs on Christmas, so we don’t have to worry about getting home for them. We are so lucky to have a house sitter to just move in when we go.

I cannot believe that it will be Christmas in two days and that another year will be behind us in a week. How is it possible that time is slipping by so quickly?

Hubby and I watched “The Sound Of Music” on Saturday. The real one with Julie Andrews. What a beautiful young woman she was, and her voice, her acting, her expressions (especially in HD) were fabulous! There will never be another Maria in my mind, but Julie Andrews.

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!

Start To The Holidays

After spending the day wrapping gifts, I started thinking about some of the goody type things I might make for the big day. A friend of mine suggested Whoopie Pies, and it was then I had to admit that I really don’t like them.

whoopie pies

Now don’t get me wrong. I love chocolate cake. I love white frosting, but somehow when you make a “sandwich” out of the cake and frosting, well, it just doesn’t do it for me.

Now give me a Snickerdoodle Cookie and I am a really happy girl, but the Whoppie Pie? Not so much!


I’m thinking I may just make a batch of Snickerdoodles tomorrow. I really love them and I think I would enjoy it. I could also give my friend some.

I did get everything wrapped, and now it is closed away in my closet. You see, Greta loves to open presents! Yours, mine, anyone’s, so I have to hide everything until the actual day.

I do have presents for the dogs. Kong Balls for each of them, and chew toy rope toys. They’re wrapped and on Christmas morning they get to open them!

I hope you all had a good weekend before Christmas! Have a wonderful day and a half at work!