Dental Day

Today is Dental Day. Every six months I force myself to put all my childhood fears aside, and “man up” and go to the dentist and smile a lot and breathe deeply and get through yet another appointment.

Now don’t get me wrong. My Dentist is a very nice man and the hygienist I use is very sweet, kind, and friendly. It’s just that all those times I went to the horrible, child-hating, dentist of my youth, really scarred me for life.

It makes me so happy that Mandy found a wonderful children’s dentist for Savannah, who proclaimed that she wanted to go to the dentist soon because she missed them! What a wonderful thing.

In many ways, life has changed for kids, since I was one. Both doctors and dentists make a point to treat their little patients well. When I met Savannah’s Pediatrician, I was so impressed by the real joy she had upon seeing Savannah again.

I recently decided to switch doctors. It was a difficult decision, mostly because I will admit to being lazy. The office was familiar, and close, even if I didn’t feel I was getting the best care. But with a little nudge from Jack, I switched to a female doctor in Manchester. She was really on the ball, took a detailed history, did a first class physical, and blood-work which found me having a cholesterol problem, and the fact that the old doctor had me on too much thyroid medication!

I bought a book on lowering my cholesterol naturally, and my medications have been adjusted. She also lined up a skin cancer screening and a few more tests.

Now I concentrate on actually eating with a purpose. Lowering my Cholesterol numbers so I can avoid taking any new medications. Anyone have any Cholesterol lowering secrets?

Crazy Things That Happen In The Morning

I woke this morning at my new normal. 6:30 AM. It was cold, the dogs were stretching, and I knew I needed to jump into my clothes so I could walk Anneliese, who has started to run off in search of the awakening critters in our stone wall.

What I wanted to do, and what I did were two very different things. Greta walked down the bed ramp and headed to the door. This requires a fast response, because the girl is old and needs to be able to go out, right now!

So there I was, in my underwear and socks, running through the bedroom and kitchen to put Greta and Lili right out the door! Thank goodness I live in the middle of nowhere, so no one saw me in my socks and panties! I then ran back to the bedroom, slipped on my jeans and a shirt, and some shoes and returned to the kitchen to grab my coat and Anneliese and her leash, and off we went.

I must say that my morning coffee never tasted so good, as it did after my early morning dackel chase!

Happy Easter

Here we are. Easter 2018. What a beautiful and joyous day! My holiday celebrations are not what they once were, with many hours spent singing at church and big dinners, but in my mind, and my spirit and my soul, I rejoice at the Resurrection of Christ! Oh what a blessed day for us all.


We are staying home this year. I’m cooking a small Prime Rib for Jack and we shall enjoy the peace of the day. The sun is shining and Spring is on it’s way.

Happy Easter!

Once In A Blue Moon

I am not quite sure where the time is going. All I know is, tomorrow is April 1st! Our days are getting longer and we have more daylight, so even if the temperatures are still cold, the light gives me hope that Springtime is on it’s way.

Yesterday we were in the middle of watching an old movie, “Sense and Sensibility” when the dogs reminded us that it was time for our walk. Jack and I looked at each other and decided that it was time. So, we abandoned the movie, and off we went with Arnie and Lili for our walk.

We’ve been building up and expanding our walk, and the dogs really look forward to it. I cannot recall if I mentioned that Mr. Arnie has a heart murmur now that he has entered his golden years. We have slowly increased his exercise (Arnie is a couch potato!) and changed his food. I am hopeful that we can keep him nice and healthy for a very long time!

Lili is crazy healthy, and she needs these walks to burn off all that energy! And boy does she run all around while Jack and I walk at a sedate pace. The good news here is, Jack and I both are getting stronger and Lili gets to crazy run all over the place. We do leash her when we get close to the busy road, but once we are away from it heading home, we let her go and off she runs. And there is such joy in her heart!

This morning the last Blue Moon until 2020 was just starting to set when I got up. I grabbed my old camera and my cell phone and after walking the dackels, I ran outside and took a bunch of pictures. Surprisingly, my cell phone took much better pictures than my Olympus camera.


I wish my camera was good enough to catch all the shadows on the moon itself. They were there, but not captured. I can see it in my mind, and many times I find that those types of memories are stored for me to look back on and enjoy in private.

I wish you all a blessed Easter.

The Friday Five

The Friday Five


The week has flown by. I’ve actually accomplished so much, and I have been loyal to exercising every day. For the first time in well over a year I am feeling strong, healthy and well! So here are this week’s Friday Five.

  1. As mentioned above, I am exercising. A year ago after the infection, I was so weak that I could not walk more than a few steps in my driveway. I would come in and fall asleep. Now we are walking the full length of our driveway, and the full length of our street, and back again! All the while trying to keep up with Lili and Arnie!
  2. Today is bed changing day, laundry and I may even pull out the vacuum, (the big one!) and do the rugs and under the sofa, bed and mudroom. Or maybe not! (LOL)
  3. Wednesday we went grocery shopping for the holiday. Everything was on sale. We bought a small ham, a small boneless leg of lamb, and Prime Rib. All were under $5.99 a pound! In any case. I figured I would make the Ham on Sunday for Easter for Jack and me. However, at breakfast, Jack said that of the three he would rather have the Prime Rib for Easter.  No problem. Just a slight meal shift.
  4. Arnie suddenly became very picky about eating his food. Or should I say, he simply stopped eating. So we kept trying different foods until we found one with a good reputation and one he would eat. No small feat! It was pricey in the stores, but I checked with “CHEWY” and it was nearly half!  Arnie is now a very happy boy!
  5. As my week comes to an end, I am happy and content with the world around me. I am thankful for all the blessings in my life.

Happy Easter!

Beautiful Religious Easter Pictures (17)

TBT: Easter & A Little MB

I think I was probably 3 years old when this picture was taken! That’s my big brother, Dickie, and my sister, Melodie and that little bit of a thing, is me.


I miss my brother, who died far too young, and every day in every way, I am grateful for having the best big sister, ever!

This was Easter 1961. We always dressed up in new clothes, new shoes and our baskets for the holiday. Both sets of grandparents came down and quite often my mother’s brother Bob and his wife Cynthia and their kids, Carl and Rikki and their families joined us. Holidays were always a big deal for us. In my mind the holidays still are.

I bought my ham today and large potatoes for making baked stuffed potatoes, and lots of vegetables!! I just love Easter.

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What’s a word that describes your life? A word you wish described your life?

My life is “FULL”. Full of good people, good things and full of happiness. I have known great sadness in the past, but I chose to turn my life around, and have it be full of great time, great loves, and much happiness! I got my wish!

2. Back in my day we___________________________________?

We somehow managed to be able to run all around the town, ride our bikes, go to the beach, and live, what they now refer to as a “free range childhood life”. It was fabulous. I played in the sand and dirt, I climbed trees and when I think back on my childhood in Falmouth, I think of freedom.


3. When it comes to takeout are you more likely to opt for Italian, Mexican, or Chinese food? Does a typical week at your house include takeout.

We somehow don’t do much take out. Perhaps a burger or a sub once in a while, but that’s about it.

4. Think about the people you most respect. What is it about them that earned your respect?

The people I respect the very most are the people who are always trying. Trying to improve themselves, trying to improve their life for themselves and their families. I also respect those who never give up, when life throws them tough times.

5. What’s something your friends might see and say is ‘so you’?

Oh goodness. I think most people would see an apron and say that! I love to cook and I love aprons!!!

July 04 056

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Jack and have been walking now for nearly a month. We love getting out for the 30 minute walk with Arnie and Lili. And for every step we take, Lili takes 10. She just loves running through the fields and leaping about. My darling Arnie is happy to walk by my side and this walking is so good for him. On his last Vet visit we learned he has a heart murmur. Not uncommon in elderly dogs. So, I have been working on his diet and exercise to help him stay in good shape!

Being An Oma

I am still basking in the afterglo of time spent with my daughter and grandchildren! On Sunday morning before I left, I played Barbies with Savi and dress up with both Savi and Quinn and then we did these selfies! All of this reminds me that I am a very lucky lady.


I spent a lot of time with Savannah as she was growing up from baby-hood to child-hood! But with Quinn, I got sick just before his first birthday, and I feel like I missed a lot of that age 1-2 years. In the last few months I have tried to get down more and the funny thing about Quinn is that he knows exactly who I am, “OMA” and that I am his!


I really am so very lucky to have these two wonderful kids for grandchildren. I not only love them, but I like them too. And like all grandparents that I know, I am just crazy about them!


Savannah The Star!

On Saturday I woke at 4:45 AM. I got up and the dogs looked at me like I was crazy. But I was so excited! Saturday was Savannah’s Play Day! She was one of the cast members in Suessical Kids!

I had no idea what to expect, but being the loving, happy, Oma that I am, I knew that anything Savi was doing would make me very happy and bring tears to my eyes! And such was the case.

After getting myself showered and ready, and realizing that if I left my house when I could have, I would have gotten to my daughter’s home nearly two hours too soon! So, I sat down, had some coffee and something to eat, and killed time.

Soon enough I threw the last of my things in the car and headed down to southern New Hampshire. Arriving just about on time. When I came in I discovered their babysitter had cancelled at the last minute, but they’d figured it all out, so even though it had added some stress, they’d just decided to go with the flow and actually take Quinn to the afternoon show.

By nine o’clock, Mandy, Savannah and I were headed to Milford, NH where the Playhouse is. We got there with plenty of time for Mandy to apply Savannah’s make-up and then off she went.


I really am impressed at Savannah’s independence! Was I so brave and daring when I was her age? Possibly, but that was so long ago…

While Savannah was preparing to go onstage with her fellow actors, Mandy and I went to buy her flowers and I got her a heart shaped stained glass ornament for her window.

Then we raced back to the theater, where we met up with our cousin, Janet, got our seats, and settled in to be divinely entertained by these wonderful, talented children!


I was so delighted to watch Savi, and I will admit to tears flowing at the end. I was not sad, just bursting with happiness, watching this amazing little girl!

We waited to pick her up after her costume change, and Mandy gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She immediately pronounced them…delicious! And they really were!

Then, Janet, Mandy, Savi and I drove to a Hibachi Restaurant, where we met up with Savi’s Daddy, Matt and brother Quinn, her Nana Mary, her grandfather Bob and Uncle Robert. We sat down around the grill and the show began!


Lunch was not only super tasty, but the Hibachi show was so much fun. Somehow, this was the first time I had done this, and it tickled me so much!


Savi helped feed her little brother and they both ate very well. The Chef was funny giving the adults Saki by squirting it in their mouth, and the kids wanted some too! He changed the bottled to plain water and called it “Baby Saki” and the two kids squealed in delight!  I have decided that we simply must do Hibachi again!

After lunch we raced back to the theater for the afternoon performance. Once again, Savi scurried off with the other kids, and Mandy and I waited until the doors opened and we got an entire row and a half for seats for the family and friends who were coming to the afternoon show.

One by one, the family showed up and the seats were filled. By chance I was in a seat looking down an empty isle and I was able to take some pictures!


Savi is fourth from the right!




And here she is, in the coveted role of the “Elephant Bird” popping out of her eggshell!

After the play, we brought Savi home, and we all settled in for a relaxing evening. I noticed that Mandy and the two kids were snuggled up under the afghan that I made for her.


My time with them ended the next morning, after a pleasant sleep in the guest room with Savannah. I’d forgotten how sleeping with a five and a half year old is like sleeping with a cat. They stretch, they roll, they stretch again, legs are draped over your body, as are arms and feet! But I wouldn’t have had it any other way!


My last picture is of Mandy, Savi, Janet and me at the restaurant. One of my favorite pictures of the day. My family is everything to me!



And I’m Off……

I am all showered and dressed, and today I even put on some make-up, so as not to scare small children and old people. Where am I going? To Savannah’s play at the Community Theater, and lunch with the gang before watching the play for a second time.

Seeing the same play twice? You might ask. Why yes! I’m the Oma and Oma’s can do that!

So many family members and friends are coming to Savannah’s play to cheer her on, and I think that is so wonderful. I remember when I was in The Sound of Music in the local Community Theater in Falmouth, I was so happy when my grandparent’s came, as well as family and friends. It made me want to do my very best!


Me as Gretl in The Sound of Music!

There will be pictures of this wonderful event, as soon as I can get them up onto Flickr and downloaded to the blog. Ah yes, the ever proud and loving Oma!

I will also be able to spend time with both grandchildren today and early tomorrow, before attending a Memorial Service and then heading home.

I’m so excited about this that I woke even earlier than usual, giving me plenty of time to get ready. In fact, I’m sitting here, knowing it I left right now, I would be at my daughter’s house and hour and a half early! So, here I sit, coffee mug in hand, passing the time.