Friday Footnote’s

We finally had our first frost last night. Not a hard frost, but enough to make the grass crunch under my slippers when I took out the girls. The thermometer said 29 degrees (F).

I planted my spring bulbs yesterday. I planted Day Lilies in a variety of colors, against our stone wall. I think this will look nice. Of course the bending and planting motion has my lower back just a little sore this morning.

Although I am thrilled to death that my gallbladder is fine, the alternatives of either an ulcer or acid reflux disease are leaving me feeling grumpy. Both require very low fat, very bland diets, with NO coffee or tea. Not even decaff! They want you to drink lots and lots of water. Now, I believe that water is for bathing in, for cooking in and for watering ones garden. But, I simply hate to drink water! Yuck!
I also love spicy food. Give me tacos with jalapenos and super hot salsa, or steak with horse radish sauce, or even the hottest Buffalo wings! Heaven! Plain chicken cooked with no bread crumbs or spices or anything served with boiled vegetables…well, it’s too much to even contemplate! Part of me would almost rather have the darn gallbladder cut out and be done with it!

I loved The Apprentice last night with The Donald. Letting Kristi go was the smartest thing. Not only was she a bossy know it all, but she was abrasive and unfriendly to everyone else on the team. Randal, who I really like a lot, had her sized up very quickly.
And Martha’s Apprentice was also quite good. Although I think the young father who acted so outrageously during the project, (I think his name is Jim) should go home soon. He is just plain obnoxious!

Keep your fingers crossed that Hurricane Wilma doesn’t go into Punta Gorda, FL. They really got clobbered with Charlie last year and still have not recovered. I lived there for 6 years and have many close friends there and would hate to see them have to go through that again. Of course I feel like a real genius for moving back north. But after a while I started to find Hurricane season, fire season, tornado season, hot, hot, hot etc… all a little hard to take. Snow I can shovel, the rest down south was more than I could stand.

A happy Friday to all!!!

Birthday Month Meme

What the Meme Said What I say
Has lots of extraordinary ideas. They medicate me for those
Difficult to fathom. It’s why I’ve had years of therapy
Thinkforward. ???
Unique. True they broke the mold after me
brilliant. LOL
Sharp thinking. Also why I am on medication, LOL
Fine, strong clairvoyance. I have always had ESP
make good doctors. Not sure, but I’ve made many doctors happy$$$$
Dynamic. Oh yeah
Secretive. I can keep a secret
Inquisitive. True
Know how to dig secrets. I like to know
Always thinking. LOL
Less talkative. LOL
amiable. True
Brave. True
generous. I hope so
Patient. I try
Stubborn. oh yeah
hardhearted. nope
Determined. yep
Never quit. yep
Hardly become angry unless provoked. nope
Love to be alone. I like being alone, but love to be with people
Think differently. Yep
Sharp-minded. not really
Motivate self. god, no
Dont appreciate praises. true
Highspirited. when I am off medication! LOL
Well-built, tough. not really
Deep love, emotions. oh yeah
Romantic. yeah
Uncertain in relationships. not so much now
Homely. not too bad
Hardworking. yes
High abilities. metza,metza
Trustworthy. yes
Honest. yes
Keepsecrets. yes
Can’t control emotions. LOL
Unpredictable. yes

Got this at my cousins site. It’s a Birthday Meme. Quadzilla

I have no Gall!

Good News! My ultra sound came back okay for the gallbladder! Which is really great! At least I know that surgery isn’t in my future. I guess the big question now is, just what IS wrong?
I had the blood work done for an ulcer today, and I spoke with the nurse in my doctor’s office and I expect I will be going back to see him next week. A change in diet, one way or another, will, no doubt, be in order.
Meanwhile, I’m feeling relieved and a little happy that I am not full to the brim with gall!! LOL

And so it goes…

One day after feeling like maybe my hands looked pretty, with the nice long finger nails, yes, you guessed it; one broke! I tried all the little cheats. Super glue, polish, etc. Nothing worked. So I cut the nail and filed it smooth. Then I looked really strange, so I just decided that perhaps I should just do them all. So I did.
They still look okay, but not as long. At least they’ll grow.
And so it goes…


I probably have the ugliest hands I have ever seen. They are large, like a mans and I am forever getting men’s ski gloves in the winter. No pink fuzzy gloves for me! No, I get commando colored ones with GI Joe cuffs. But, at least they fit.
Until recently I chewed my nails. The only time I actually had nails was when I either had artificial ones put on that were so hard I would have broken a tooth had I attempted to chew them, or used the press on ones, that had the habit of flying off into someones dinner meal at expensive restaurants.
During the recent cruise, I actually relaxed enough that I stopped biting my nails for the 8 days we were gone. By the time we returned the nails had a good head start.
I bought extra large kitchen gloves. I got nail strengthening polish! I was careful and rubbed creme into them each night. And now a month later here they are:
Oct 18 003.jpg
I keep telling myself that I know that the day will come when one will break or chip, and then another. But for today, they are looking good, and they are all natural and all mine!

Oh…The Pain

It started about 10 days ago. I noticed after I ate, I felt sick. I tried to sort of change around what I was eating and still I didn’t feel well. Not only that, But I had these sharp pains in the middle of my chest, that sort of radiated into my back. It almost felt like I was having a heart attack. But Hubby assured me, it wasn’t and I was fine, sort of.
Well, finally when even toast was making me feel ill with pain I decided to go in to see my doctor.. It is probably a problem with my gallbladder. I am having an ultra sound on Thursday. Great. That’s actually the good news: the bad news, unless the thing is infected and you are half dead they won’t take the darn thing out. Which means you have to get yourself on the lowest fat diet that you can to treat the gallbladder problem.
The other thing it might be, if it’s not the gallbladder, is an ulcer. So I have to get blood work done to check for that. Meanwhile, he put me on some medication for acid stomach and if it helps, great! If not, then the other problem is what we are probably dealing with.
All I can say is, “Oh…The Pain…”

More than A-Depp-T

I’ve never really cared for Johnny Depp. From day one I just felt very uncomfortable with his whole Star Man persona. Admittedly, because of this, I have not seen a lot of his movies. Why go and waste my time watching someone I don’t like “act” and get paid an obscene amount of money?
Well, yesterday I was sitting here alone and bored. Flipping the dial on the TV, (see how old I am? I remember when TV’s had dials! LOL) And I came across “Finding Neverland”. I stopped and started to watch. Not because of Johnny Depp, but because I like Kate Winslet.
Soon I was drawn into the story, and before I knew it, I realized I wasn’t watching Johnny Depp at all, but Sir James Barrie. The movie was so well done, the acting flawless and although I still find it hard to take Mr. Depps weird eccentric ways, I will admit that he is one heck of an actor.
I loved Neverland! And I cried like a baby at the end. My hats off to Johnny Depp He truly is an A-Depp-T actor.

Is It Time To Build An Ark?

It’s been raining up here for, like, well, forever. I have even stopped counting how many inches. Suffice to say, if this was snow, we would all be buried and gone. Alas, it is rain. Lots and lots of rain. What’s tough is getting the dogs to actually go out in this stuff. They all hate to get rained on. Now jump in a lake, take a shower with me, fine and dandy. They are all for that. But have the sky open up and spit on them, and forget it. They’ll cross their legs and die before they’ll go outside.
I got a little cape for the girls. Thinking this would encourage them. Are you kidding? They want the matching J-Lo boots too!
Oct 16 001.jpg Oct 16 004.jpg
So I carried them out and put them on the grass. Shubi wasn’t having it. She ran right back inside the house. But after a little conversation and a lot of pleading, I finally got Greta to perform! Oh joy!
So tell me, when do we build the Ark?

Classic Instant Rice Pudding

1-3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup Instant White Rice, uncooked
2 Tbsp. sugar ( or 1 tsp Splenda 1 tbsp Sugar)
2-3 Tbsp. raisins
1/4 tsp. salt
1 egg
1/2 tsp. vanilla

COMBINE milk, rice, sugar, raisins and salt in medium saucepan. Bring to boil, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 6 min., stirring occasionally.
BEAT egg and vanilla lightly in small bowl. Stir small amount of hot mixture into eggs. Stirring constantly, slowly pour egg mixture back into hot mixture. Stirring constantly, cook on low heat 1 min. until thickened. (Do not boil.)
REMOVE from heat. Let stand 30 min. Serve warm. Store any remaining pudding in refrigerator.