The Friday Five ~ Plus 1 ~ August 6th

The Friday FiveMy oh my, what a week it was. I had planned on having a quiet week, but as it turned out, I was busier than I have been in a while. So, here we go with this week’s Friday Five Plus 1.

  1. On Tuesday I drove Jack to the prosthetics shop, as he needed new shoes. When you have had an amputation, you need special shoes so you can walk correctly without injuring your foot or the other toes. The Staff was wonderful and his new shoes will be coming in a few weeks.
  2. After the appointment, I took Jack to the grocery store. Three isles in and he was fading fast, so I paid for the groceries and then drove home. He asked to go the back way, which was fine, but then as I started to go that way he did not recognize the route for a bit.
  3. Upon arriving at home, he mentioned he wanted potato salad. Ah, well, he’d finished up the last bit the night before, so I set about making more. That’s when I realized I had no celery. So off I went to the grocery store (locally) to get the things I had not gotten earlier because Jack needed to get home.
  4. My new coffee maker arrived. Those of you that have known me a while, know I have bad luck with appliances.41sWJhmDDfL._SS284_

    In any case, our old machine was leaking after a literal meltdown inside. It lasted three years. We liked it though, so we bought the same model.

  5. At the grocery store today they had a plethora of farm-fresh vegetables! They also had sales on melon, blueberries, cherries, and grapes. So I stocked up. They also had split whole chickens. So that is what’s for dinner tonight.

+1. Currently, our Main Street is being repaved, and all the man-hole covers are being replaced before the paving. Now if they had waited 5 weeks our little town would be empty of tourists, and they could get it all done quickly. But, I was out on Thursday and I needed to stop at the Post Office. I started to park across the street when one of our local policemen waved at me and yelled something. Once I could pull away from the parking spot, I pulled over to him and asked where I could park to go to the Post Office? He said to “Go around and then park near the church.” So I began to do a U-turn when he started yelling at me again. “You can’t do that here!” I started to cry. Not great big ugly sobs, but tears sprung and I must have gotten to him because he spoke kindly to me and said, “Just back up now, go down to Waukewan Street, and then take Waukewan Avenue to park.” So I did and tried to catch my breath. When I got inside the Post Office the Clerks were telling me that they were stuck, not being able to get out to have their lunches. Until they finish the paving, I will be avoiding Main Street.

So I will be kicking back, and catching up on things this weekend. Housework, laundry, and perhaps start reading a book on my tablet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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