Silver Linings Playbook

Hubby and I decided to go and see “Silver Linings Playbook” today. We knew the theme of the movie, and wanted to go and see if the movie lived up to the praise.

We were both blown away. You see the movie portrays Bipolar Illness as close as one can. The characters played by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, were so true to life. Their madness and struggles tugged at the heart, and we were struggling, pulling for them, to find their way in this crazy world.

Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver played Cooper’s parents and their love and concern and craziness was heart wrenching.

Casting was great, as was the writing. I also liked the directing of the movie. It held you from the first frame of the movie, until the very last.

Hubby left, feeling a bit drained. It brought back many memories to him of years gone by.

For me, I could laugh, and shake my head yes, and understand the hurt and pain. You see, I have Bipolar Illness. I suffered for many years until a doctor found the correct medications for me.

It is something I have not spoken or written about until now. Those days, so long ago, were so painful. I am happy to have good medications, and a husband who has stood by me through it all.

I am blessed!

Zero Dark Thirty

Okay, our football season is over and as long suffering New England fans, we go back to winter hibernation!

Hubby and I ventured out on Monday to see “Zero Dark Thirty”. All I can say is WOW! It held my attention through out, and the two hours and thirty-seven minutes flew by!

You can go here to watch the Movie trailer. I’m not sure if it will grab you or not. Trust me, I really wasn’t excited about going to this movie, and yet it was so well done!

Katherine Bigelow directed this, and people doubted she could direct a war movie, but she sure did!!! In fact, she seemed to catch all the little nuances that so many people would have missed.

Jessica Chastain, as our heroine, Maya was breathtakingly wonderful! I hope she wins an Oscar! For this young actress gave this role all that she had.

It will be interesting to see how the Oscars are awarded. Both Jessica Chastain and Katherine Bigelow are nominated for Oscars, and in my opinion, they both should get them!!!


I sat down after lunch for a little tea break. A movie was on called “Courageous”. I remember a year ago when it was released. I had wanted to see it, as it’s premise felt oddly similar to events in my own life.

Since there was literally nothing on the TV to watch (which is also quite strange due to the fact that we have close to 200 stations to chose from), I settled in to watch it.

The movie enters into the lives of 4 policemen and one hard working Latino man named Javier, in a small Georgia town. They are all doing their best to get through the days. Then Javier loses his job. He is despondent. He asks God for help.

That’s how he meets the four police officers, and they all become friends. Tragedy strikes the group, and they all reach out to God for help.

This movie was well acted, and although it was slow at times, it was building the relationships of the five families. Rent it on Netflix or watch it on Starz this month, Here is a brief look at the movie.

Oh yeah, and I hope everyone in the USA remembered to set their clocks back an hour last night. Yes, it’s that time of the year!

Another Movie

I know we have been watching a lot of movies lately, but this morning we watched one that we felt truly drawn too. It was called “The Snow Walker”. It really didn’t get much of a run back when it was released in 2003, but it tells a great story, I promise you!

When I was in 5th grade we studied Eskimos. I think that was my favorite part of Social Studies that year. We watched films that were taken in the middle of winter up where the Eskimos roamed and I fell in love with those happy people and their beautiful babies!

I never did hear that many Eskimos are Inuits. I simply knew that if offered, I would get on the next sled and head north to meet them!

This wonderful movie, takes a cocky pilot, and strands him in the middle of the frozen tundra of Canada with a young Inuit woman, that he is trying to fly to a hospital. For a man, who believes he knows everything, to find that he actually knows nothing, about survival, makes him face his own mortality.

The young girl, refuses to allow him to shake her resolve to survive, and she quietly goes about her way, showing him how to work with nature to survive.

If you have Prime, you can watch this movie for free. You can also rent it through NetFlix.

Find the movie, if you can and watch it. You will be glad that you did! Enjoy!

Moonrise Kingdom…Review

Today Hubby and I went to the movies, and also to pick up some groceries. We saw “Moonrise Kingdom”, which can only be described as a really bizarre movie. When we left the theater my first thought was…”I just spent $7.00 to see that?

There are some big names in the movie, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormond, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, but in my humble opinion, even they couldn’t save the movie for being weirder that the movies I usually like to see, but Hubby really wanted to go, so we went.

The two kids, who played the main characters “Sam and Suzy” were really good, but their talent was almost wasted on the film.

I had questions like…”Was it the script? The director? The acting?

If any of you have seen it, let me know what you thought? If I had to do over, I think I would wait for it to come on HBO.

5 Guys Burgers & Fries

Recently I went down to the southern part of our state. (Read that, more populated with a wider variety of restaurants, stores, etc!) Up here in Northern New Hampshire, where I live, we have a McDonalds restaurant and a Dunkin’ Donuts! But as far as any other chain restaurants, we simply do not have them.

Oh, I’ve seen Burger King, and I do love Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I have a real love affair going with Krispy Kreme Donuts. I also have eaten at a number of Chinese Restaurants as well as a down home country kitchen type of place where they serve food like Mama used to make!

Anyway, while I was down south waiting for Savannah’s arrival and then seeing her for the first few days, I had a chance to get a meal at a place I had never been to before. In fact, although I vaguely knew of this place, I thought that all the great talk was publicity hype.

I went to 5 Guys Burger & Fries!

5 guy menu

When I went in I was greeted by a nice young woman who seemed to guess I was a newbie. She explained the menu, and after I ordered a single patty bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and ketchup, and a small french fry, with a diet coke, handed me a container of peanuts to munch, while I waited.

5 guys peanuts

Well, it just smelled wonderful in there and I laughed, thinking about all the days I’d enjoyed burgers in my life. But nothing prepared me for my first 5 Guys Burger!

5 guy burger

Or their equally wonderful french fries!

5 guy fries

I had tears in my eyes as I ate this juicy burger and also ate the hand cut fries! Occasionally I stopped to sip my Coke, but oh, my burger was just the best!

I was sitting there, in sheer Heaven, when the cook came over. It was mid afternoon and not too busy, and he wanted to see how I liked my burger.

I found it hard to speak. Somehow I managed to tell him that I had not had such a great burger since my Dad and Uncle George used to grill burgers at Goodwill Park in Falmouth, Massachusetts when I was a kid.

He smiled, and proudly told me that all the meat is top grade, never frozen and delivered daily! He then pointed to sacks of potatoes all over the shop and told me that they make (cut) all their fries! He was very proud. He should be. All those things really do make a big difference and makes “5 Guys Burger and Fries” different from all the rest.

I was really sad when I came to the end of the burger, wiped my mouth, and tossed my paper products into the bin.

5 Guys Burger and Fries is located at 341 Amherst St. Nashua, NH 03063. Definitely a great place to stop when you feel like having the best burger in your life!

***I have not been compensated in any way for this review of 5 Guys Burger and Fries. I am merely sharing my belief that they provide the best burgers ever!***