This & That

  • I woke early today. Worried about Lili and her stomach problems.
  • I brought stool samples out to her office to be sent away for evaluation.
  • Today was the day Hubby helped me repair my closet and then I cleaned it out.
  • I have a lot of junk to go to Charity!
  • We had our first New Hampshire Butter and Sugar Corn tonight! YUM!
  • Lili has discovered a new spot to sleep.
  • On the chair next to me!
  • I have a ton of zucchini and I have to figure out something to do that is Weight Watcher friendly. As much as I like roasted zucchini, I’m a little sick of it!
  • Hubby goes back on Thursday to get his stiches out.
  • Still so tired, but keep hoping to get caught up soon with my sleep!


Well, the day started out quite happily. We got up, had a nice breakfast and then went to our bank to get our check and then head south to get our car.

We were excited the entire trip, talking happily about the “new” car. Really, the car is beautiful, and looks brand spanking new.

We arrived early at the dealership, and they ushered us into the accountants office. Memo to myself: Don’t allow anyone to ever do this to me again.

The agent attempted to get us to purchase more of a Warranty Package for the car. He kept stressing how expensive the keys and key fobs are if we should lose one.

After listening politely, we declined and then signed the ownership papers. We were escorted out, I was given a full set of keys and Hubby was handed a small manilla envelope with his key.

I prepared his vehicle with our EZ Pass and a radar detector, and then Hubby got behind the wheel of the new car, and off we drove. I was following him, and our plan was to meet at a little Dairy Bar for lunch.

When we pulled in, Hubby noted that he did not have anyway to lock the car. He had no key fob! I checked his pockets, I looked in the car. Then I called the Dealership. Our salesman was not in, but I spoke to the accountant, the closer, and a secretary. All blamed Hubby.

“Are you sure it’s not in Hubby’s pockets?”, “Did it fall on the floor?”

Lunch was not as nice as it could have been. Hubby was upset and frankly, so was I. Who sells a car without two sets of keys and door lock fobs?

Finally we got home, and Hubby called the dealership. He put the call on speaker phone and finally we reached our salesman. When I heard him say, “Well it is a used car and it didn’t come in with a second fob!” I wanted to jump through the phone and throttle him!

Do not lie to me. Do not lie to me! He knew this before we even left the lot, and yet he did not tell us. Worst of all, they first tried to blame Hubby for the loss. Now, a new fob with be just over $100.00 to buy the fob and have it programmed. The fob itself only costs about $20.00, and this dealership felt they could lie to us and not provide 2 complete sets of keys. What kind of business are they running there?

Hubby and I talked about it over dinner. Why on earth would a major dealer in southern New Hampshire be so petty as to cheat a customer out of a remote locking fob on a car? The price we paid was good, but still pricey. After all it was a 2012 car, with a little over 8000 miles!

We have decided to go to our local Toyota Dealership for any maintenance, and they will set us up with a fob.

But I must admit, I was fooled by these people and it makes me mad. Mad at me and mad at them! Buyer beware!

This & That

On Thursday we were hit once again with cold temperatures and snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow. Now, I like snow as much as the first person, but you know, after a while, enough is enough!

Hubby and I are both down with colds, yet he is determined to go out and snow blow our driveway. I sure wish he would hire someone, but he says no.

So, I planned meals both yesterday and today to strictly adhere to Weight Watchers. I broke out my food scale and measuring cups and then I filled my water cup full so I can drink all the liquid I’m supposed to. Actually, the meals are really good and healthy, for both Hubby and me.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the Olympic Ice Skating. I’m not sure I like this new “Team Event”. I think it has taken too much out of the skaters.

I’m looking forward to the Ice Dancing, and the Women’s Skating. What is your favorite sport at the Olympic Games?

Lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!!

Thursday Thirteen

  1. We got close to 10 inches of snow today. Hubby went out twice to snow blow the drive and keep it open, but he could actually go out again, as it’s snowed enough to be done one more time. But it is late and he is tired.
  2. I made Hubby’s favorite meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy and wax beans. He is in Heaven, and I think, “oh well it’s just another meal!”
  3. He is going skiing on Thursday, so once again, I will be Queen of the remote control!
  4. In bed last night I kept hearing a strange computer type noise. So, I got up and Hubby had set his mouse down on the keyboard and would blink on and off, thus the weird noise.
  5. Funny the things that wake you!
  6. I did 5 loads of laundry. We are either the dirtiest people I know or the cleanest!
  7. Savannah was sick last week with pneumonia.
  8. Thankfully she is doing better now.
  9. Love watching the HGTV house remodel shows.
  10. You know, Property Brothers, Love it or List it.
  11. I also watched “The Silver Linings Playbook” the other day. Excellent movie!
  12. My plan for Thursday is to finish the laundry.
  13. And figure out, what’s for dinner!

This & That

Lately, in an attempt to avoid the rather depressing news on the TV, I have started to use my MP3 player. I keep it charged and I play wonderful, relaxing songs and block the world out!

I managed to get our Christmas decorations put away. This year I wanted to go through them and carefully re-wrap them all. I fixed a few that had broken, and tosses a few that were too far gone. In the end, I was really happy with how the box came out. Next year I plan to get a nice plastic container and this will complete the organization.


I also went through boxes of things from my Mom. And there it was. A beautiful lacy frame with a picture of Katie in it. And at the bottom was a lock of hair that I had snipped from her beautiful head, as she lay in a coma. Yes, a beautiful red curl.

Now before anyone gets upset, seeing her beautiful red hair curled at the bottom of the picture, and seeing her smiling face, filled me with warmth.


Hubby and I are starting to get excited about our trip. We’re planning what to pack and and I’m finding I actually am getting better at packing light. I keep saying…’less is more’.


A friend from long ago has contacted me. This person has been struggling for many years and yesterday reached out to me. I’m not sure why. I have not seen this person is nearly 30 years and yet suddenly there was this message. I feel almost compelled to write, but I do not know what to say.

I know this sounds very vague. But I want to protect this person. I imagine this is not an easy time for them. In many ways I have a lot of compassion for them.


I wish you all a Happy Sunday!

This & That

Good morning everyone. Last night I lay in bed, and I realized I had not written a post for Dackel Princess! I thought for a minute I should get up and write a post, but then, the bed was so warm and comfortable, and Anneliese and Greta were all snuggled in, and I decided that I could actually wait until morning to write.

Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, I stood in the middle of the family room and looked at Hubby and said…”I actually am feeling better!” I am both shocked and happy about this, after such a long siege of illness.

Today Hubby is off to the VA to get the results of all of his tests, and later today I have an important dental appointment. The dentist is going to replace a large filling, with a medicated one. Please say a little prayer. I have the worst teeth in the world, despite taking care of them in my adult years, and I am trying desperately to hold on to them

Each day brings us closer to our vacation! Yesterday I was speaking to Ben’s Mom about it. He is our house/dog sitter and she knows he will do a fine job. She is also just down the road if it all goes to he!! and he needs help, it’s nice to know his Mom is just down the road.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. We’ll be spending the afternoon with Mandy, Matt and Savannah! I can hardly wait! Talk about a little kid being excited! This old Oma is really both excited and happy!

This & That Tuesday

Today I’ll be seeing my other eye doctor about a new prescription and also getting new glasses. Ah what to get, what to get?

For a while, earlier this year, I thought perhaps a pair of Harry Potter glasses would be appropriate. You know, scar on the forehead…

Now, with the scars mostly fading on my face, but the ones on my nose actually being sensitive, I need to find glasses that are light weight and soft against my nose.

I may do the frame-less glasses, Then the only weight would be the prescription lenses. And then, I would try to order the lightest weight possible ones.

Do any of you watch, “The Good Wife”. I sort of started watching at the end of last season. What a great show! Last nights episode was outstanding! Fortunately for me, I can watch the first 5 years free on Amazon Prime. I think I’ll try to watch an episode a day until I am caught up.