A Really Great Day

Tuesday the 11th was a very full day indeed! And it was all good. After months of mostly bad news in the world, today, in my little corner of the world The good news kept on coming!

I got up and weighed in.

August 11thI finally have lost 50 pounds! I have shared with you my battle with my weight and to get to this milestone made my entire day! And that was at 5:45 AM!

50207813153_ca5ebc363a_3k 2

Feeling happier than a girl should on a hot and sticky Tuesday, I was sitting in my chair anticipating going to the grocery store and Post Office when the phone rang.

It was my Veterinarian. He wanted to tell me that Arnie’s blood tests had come back showing a rise in his titers four times that of a healthy dog. This test showed that Arnie did have Leptospirosis with no doubts about the diagnosis!

20200706_154022Arnie is better now, thank goodness, I caught it quickly and he got the care that he needed!

The Vet had spoken with the Pharmaceutical Company and they have agreed to pay all of Arnie’s bills for treatment! I faxed the bill to them and hopefully, they will send me a check quickly!

Then I set about changing sheets and doing work around the house. I knew the third part of my day would be upon me soon and I was looking forward to it.

Then this guy came to call. It was so hot here that he simply sat on my patio table for a long time. I grabbed my Olympus Camera and started snapping. Here is the very best shot of the bunch. Isn’t he handsome?

P8110024 (3)

Why Jimmeney Crickett!

(Actually a Grasshopper)

My own picture!

I decreed that I would have a Scotch after I lost the first 25 pounds. Then after I lost 50 pounds I would have another Scotch. So today was the day I got to enjoy 1 fine Glenlivet Scotch. Oh, it tasted so very good!

My scotchSo Tuesday was a very good day! I am so grateful for all of it. Some days you just feel better about life than others. Today was that day!

Maribeth Dackel

3 thoughts on “A Really Great Day”

  1. Congratulations Maribeth..that’s awesome!! Cheers
    Great shot of the cricket
    Glad the pharmaceutical co. is paying for Arnie’s vet bill..glad he’s doing better!!

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